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Senior Night Live A Huge Success

The Boys’ Latin School’s theatre department recently had a very successful show from March 10th-12th.  The show was called “Senior Night Live,” a variety show and comedy similar to “Saturday Night Live.”

This funny, entertaining show was directed by seniors Matthew Attman and Julian Baker. Both have been a part of the BL theatre department since freshman year.

The show included many hilarious skits that kept the audience intrigued and laughing.  The actors and actresses were: Andrew Haynes, Ricky Arthur-Merow, Luke Edwards, Teresa Norman, Tyler Jarman, Carson Rehfield, Max and Matt Marshall, Holly Hutton, Jamie Owens, Grant Iodice, Richard Wiklund, and Will Krulak.

Also, Attman and Baker added some musical guests to the show.  The singers were Trey-Lonte Gaither, Larissa Hawkins, Josh Smith, Claire Ciccarone, and Myles Cohen.

Lonte-Gaither and Hawkins performed Rihanna’s hit single, “Stay.”  Cohen and Smith performed Sam Smith songs “Not In that Way” and “Stay With Me.”

Lastly, Ciccarone and Cohen performed “Say Something” by A Great Big World.  All musical guests did a fantastic job, and they really impressed the audiences for both nights.

When senior director Julian Baker was asked about the show, he responded, “Everything went pretty well.  It was a great time, and I can’t believe it is all over now.  The show consisted of skits from previous ‘Saturday Night Live’ performances, and the musical guests were able to choose their songs.  Everyone did a phenomenal job.

Even though we were disrupted by the snow, and we had to cancel some rehearsals, everyone did his job during the time off and performed really well.  I am so glad I was given the opportunity to direct this production.”

Senior actor Max Marshall said, “I enjoyed working with everyone, and I am very thankful for this amazing experience. The actors, actresses, and musical guests really brought it together when the performances came. It was like a small family, and we all had fun.

There honestly wasn’t one great thing about the show; everything was great.  I could tell the audience enjoyed it.  I am glad that I was involved in the theatre department all of these years.  It has been a fun ride, and I am really going to miss every second of it.”

“Senior Night Live” was a huge success, and thanks to the head of the BL theatre department, Mrs. Gina Molling; there will be many more successful shows to come!

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