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Super Bowl Commercial Change Up

By Luke Galloway, John Recher, and Cooper Weidner

On February 1st, Super Bowl XLIX was played by the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. However, our favorite time of the super bowl is usually the commercials. Although, this year, we were not impressed. Usually, we enjoy the good laughs from the funny super bowl commercials, such as the Doritos and Taco Bell commercials. But rather, this year they tried to make saddening commercials like the Nationwide commercials, the 911 pizza call, and real world problems like the throw like a girl commercial.

Our standpoint on this is that rather than putting these serious commercials on the most watched televised event of they year, we should try to stop the issues surrounding them at their source. We think these commercials are coming from all the problems going on, not just for average people, but celebrities like Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, and Adrian Peterson. If these NFL athletes are committing bad acts within the public eye, the Super Bowl Committee will put them on during the Super Bowl because they want to show that the NFL does care about these problems. That’s where the problem is though. Athletes, if they like it or not, are going to be role models and their followers want to do what they do. Then, these role models go out and commit crimes that their followers see, and they follow their role models’ foot steps and may do these crimes too. This would of course lead to a much safer and happier world for all of us. As an addition to these unforgettable commercials, they should go attack the problem from its source. They should educate players and do their best to make sure their players don’t do these awful acts. Hopefully, since these professional athletes are looked up to by many, that will lead to others not committing similar acts.

We can also tell that the world is becoming a lot more serious. We still like the funny commercials to take our mind off the real world. If we can soften up on these world problems, suddenly the commercials will become amusing again. So, everyone has to come together and attempt to stop these problems at their source. Then, commercials may take on a more lighthearted nature again.

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