South Side Chronicles

Middle School Teachers Eat

By Jack Sutton, Mitch Boudreau, and Harold Loyd

Have you ever wondered what a teacher’s favorite food was? How about their favorite dessert or drink? Well, we were curious too, so we interviewed a few teachers. You may be surprised by the truth. Bon appetite!

We interviewed Mr. Shriver and he has many foods that most would think twice about eating. One of his favorite dishes is shrimp and pistachios. We also asked him what his favorite homemade meal was, and it’s Kidney Stew made by his mom. His favorite place to eat is San Francisco. Mr. Shriver’s favorite dessert or drink is a chocolate milkshake. What an appetite! Sut Loyd Pic 1

Mr. Locey has an interesting array of tastes. His favorite drink is hot chai tea and his favorite type of meal is Italian. This taste for Italian food may have come from his love of his mom’s lasagna growing up. Mr. Locey’s favorite place to eat is one of the best places to get his favorite food, Italian. Mr. Locey’s favorite place to eat is Little Italy, in New York where Italian food is plentiful.
Sut Loyd Pic 2

Ms Vernon has many favorites. She said, “Everything I make is an instant classic.” One of her favorite dishes is authentic shrimp and grits from New Orleans. Ms. Vernon says they are real vicious. Ms. Vernon’s favorite drink is Diet Coke.

Mr. Stierer is a man with a wide view of the food world. The BBQ chicken nachos from Central BBQ Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee is the food he most desires. With those delicious nachos, Mr. Stierer loves a fountain Cherry Coke or Dr.Pepper(whichever one he’s feeling in the moment). His most cherished recipe is steak with bacon bits on the side. Mr. Stierer’s dishes sound fantastic, and he recommends you try them if you get the chance.

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