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The Entrepreneurs of “Shark Tank”

The series “Shark Tank” is a television show about entrepreneurs who invest money into businesses that they feel are successful. The show airs every week on CNBC and ABC. I find the show very entertaining to watch because I enjoy seeing all of the inventions that people are able to create.

The entrepreneurs on the show are very wealthy millionaires or billionaires that have created their own companies that have become very successful. The first is Mark Cuban who was the founder of HDNet, Broadcast.com, and MicroSolutions. He is also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and has made their home games become more entertaining.

The shark Barbara Corcoran was not a successful student when she was younger and got straight Ds throughout high school and college, and she had twenty jobs by the time she was twenty-three. She did not become rich until she borrowed one thousand dollars from her boyfriend and turned that money into a $5 billion real estate business.

Lori Greiner, who is another shark, turned one idea into a multimillion-dollar company and also owns her own show, “Clever and Unique Creations,” which airs on QVC.

The shark Robert Herjavec was the son of a factory worker who was able to go from “rags to riches.” He created major software companies that are worth a couple hundred million dollars each.

The shark Daymond John is the founder of the clothing line FUBU. He made the company worth millions of dollars. If a person comes into the show with an idea of clothing, Daymond is the one to go to.

The last shark is Kevin O’Leary. He made billions of dollars with the company Softkey Software Products. His company was based around a product that helped kids to learn how to read. He is very opinionated and ruthless and cares deeply about making money. On the show, he is known very well for the nickname Mr. Wonderful. He is known for giving people a hard time, so the nickname is more of a joke.

I enjoy watching the show because I feel that it helps to learn about business techniques and also how business works. I have learned from “Shark Tank the methods on how to start a business and also how to find the value of your business.

The best part of the show though is watching the sharks interact with the people. If the sharks do not like the idea, then they basically tell the person how horrible his idea is and make it a difficult time for him on the show. They also make it very difficult for the person if they do not like the price the person is asking for his business.

The sharks do find a lot of great businesses to buy into and make those businesses millions of dollars.

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