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Student Spotlight: Chase Lubke

The life of Chase Lubke is most definitely an interesting one to say the least. From the dances down the hallways to the businessman he is trying to become, Chase Lubke lives his life like no other. The pretentious businessman that he portrays himself to be is something that most people usually don’t take seriously.

Lubke will be attending Salisbury University and will be majoring in investment banking. “I want to major in this thanks to Coach Schell’s economics class, and because of my passion for money ever since I was a little kid,” said Lubke.

All throughout the summer, whether it be raining or scorching sun, the legend himself would be putting hours into the landscaping business he had worked for. “I worked very hard over this summer with a landscaping business. I made great money and it was also fun getting to know all of the guys on the job.”

However, a long-term injury had played a big role in his ability to move mulch and pick weeds, so Chase would take a necessary break throughout the day. A trip back to the truck to enjoy a few waters was a necessity for Lubke.

“Having a back injury while trying to landscape was no fun at all; I was in constant pain, but I had to work through it,” said Lubke. Without a break, Lubke’s back would not be in any shape to continue the demanding work of landscaping.

A fragmented back would have no bearing on his ability to continue to make money on a day-to-day basis throughout the summer. However, Lubke is paying the price for it right now. Unfortunately, the four year hockey starter had to call it quits his senior year due to the amount of pain his back caused him. “It’s been really difficult because it’s my senior year and not being able to play is a really big bummer.”

Lubke is now a very supportive teammate, attending all the games, being the “water boy” some might say. “Whenever I come off the ice, Lubke always has a water waiting for me, so I can relax for a second and then get ready to get back out there,” said Danny Robinson.

Through all of the physical and emotional pain that Lubke has been through, he is still a hard worker. Although Lubke may come across as a joker and someone who doesn’t take anything seriously, that is not always the case. Lubke works hard and he is someone who makes the BL community a great place.

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