Smart watches to be the next big thing for 2015

As more and more major smartphone companies are releasing their own smart watch versions, consumers now have many different designs and manufacturers to choose from.

Over the last few years, smart watches have been off to a slow start in consumer wearable electronics.  But since the recent release of Android Wear, Google’s wearable platform, smart watches have the capability to do so many new things.

Android Wear gives smart watches a more simplistic design which attracts so many consumers.  Instead of smart watches being glorified fitness trackers, they can receive notifications and alerts from a smartphone about incoming calls and messages.  This in turn can make consumers more productive by not missing a single alert as it is being sent straight to your wrist.

In a new trends report by Samsung, the company says, “the next wave of power dressing for workplace leaders will include wearable technology. That’s right — business professionals will be all about smart watches and other wearable technology in 2015, which will become a status symbol of savviness and professionalism.”

If business professionals are starting to use smart watches, then people will see it as a device that will help one be productive and become a professional.

Another reason why 2015 could be the year for smart watches is because many smart watches are being revamped for its second generation.  According to androidpit.com, these updated designs on the first generation of the Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, and LG G Watch will focus on improving the weak points each one suffered.  The updated second generation will appear in 2015.

Another smart watch to hit the market in 2015 will be the Apple Watch.  According to Business Insider, “The Apple Watch will kick-start growth in the overall smartwatch market. The Apple Watch will account for 40% of smart watch shipments in 2015 and reach a peak 48% share in 2017.”

Apple has a huge fan base that will cause its watch to go mainstream.  Like it or not, Apple will have a huge influence on smart watches and the consumers that purchase them.


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