New Mercedes F 015 Concept Model with New Features, More

Mercedes has done it again. The company has come out with their new model of the F 015 Concept Car. This concept car has features that everyone buying a car looks for. It fits the needs for every individual looking to buy a new car although it is a little more on the expensive side of things.

According to, the new concept model has had no trouble on the road thus far and is ready to come out and to be purchased.

The F 015 can be operated either manually or automatically. This means the car can either be used with a start/stop (automatic transmission), or can be used with a clutch if one is experienced with using a manual transmission. This allows for the driver to pick what he/she would like to drive in for shorter, quicker trips or longer trips.

Mercedes also made many more new smaller features to the car as well. For example, they made swivel chairs in the car. This allows for the car to drive itself while the driver can relax and have time off from driving.  Many studies have been conducted with trying to put together a car that drives itself, and this is the first time the study and research has actually worked in a car.

More features of this car come with swing-out doors that automatically open with the click of a button on the key remote. The steering wheel is also much smaller than a normal steering wheel for more hard to handle maneuvering. While driving the car, it tells the road signs and street signs that the driver should pay attention to and obey, like stop signs. It also detects any hazards in the road or about to cross the path of the car like animals or pedestrians.

It has a swinging table that can be used to put food and drinks on. It has see-through dashboards and signs that can be used to set the temperature with the sliding of a hand, as well as objects and buildings outside of the car (Points of Interest). For example, work businesses, food places, and lodging can all be shown inside the car. This option can also control how fast or slow the car can go.

Many people would think that this car is not safe and cannot drive itself. The car is 100% safe and has to be programmed and told where to go, and it will get a person to wherever the he needs to go.

From, Dr. Dieter Zetsche drove the car and said about it, “Anyone who focuses solely on the technology has not yet grasped how autonomous driving will change our society. This car is truly an amazing car to drive.”

The car is expected to be out on the market by the end of the 2015 year according to The Mercedes company thinks the car will be a huge hit and that they will benefit greatly from the revenue of the income that the car will bring for them.

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