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Is Jay Dyer Worth it?

On Lake Avenue, there is a certain dread for some athletes and excitement for others. This applies to spring athletes who do not play a winter sport; these players have the option to join the Jay Dyer program. The program lasts from the end of fall sports to the beginning of spring sports.  The workouts start after school and end around 5:30 p.m.

Players are told to push themselves as much as possible in order to be in peak athletic condition. The goal of each individual athlete is to improve himself for his up and coming season, which in most cases is lacrosse.

The workouts consist of multiple warm-up laps to get the body going which is followed by stretching until the workouts begin.  From here, the group breaks up between lifting and running. The running is long distance as well as quick bursts and footwork.

Senior lacrosse defenseman Matt Sacks has been in the program for his entire high school experience and speaks very highly of the trainers and how he is improving. When asked how these trainers are superior to others, he said, “Well other trainers do not focus on lacrosse techniques, while Jay’s staff does.”

Nearly all of the kids within the program are lacrosse players which suits them very well in preparing for lacrosse.

However, other students have contradicting thoughts on how Jay Dyer is getting them ready for the season. For instance, junior goalie Jack Pezzulla commented how he has, “gained more weight,” and is “becoming more lazy.” Therefore, the results do vary depending on the person and how hard each person is willing to go.

It is debated on how well the staff prepares one for these workouts. It is up to each person to decide whether or not he is achieving goals. As one can see, the opinions are very mixed.

Whether or not one is a fan of the Jay Dyer program, an athlete must train in the off season to have success in the season. Other alternatives include playing a winter sport, doing boxing with Coach Scharff, or going to a personal trainer.

Many people ask the questions if Jay Dyer and his staff are the right men for the job. The opinions are very lop-sided and are talked about frequently; some say they can feel themselves getting better, some are getting worse or not changing at all.

Whatever works for the athlete is how the athlete should train and better himself. It is his decision on what he likes to do to prepare for the up and coming season.

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