Hackers for Hire to Get an Electronic Job Done

For those that wish to gain access to a friend’s account or steal a client list from a business competitor, a new site has arrived. Hacker’s List is a site that, according to the New York Times, “seeks to match hackers with people looking to gain access to email accounts, take down unflattering photos from a website or gain access to a company’s database.” The jobs, however, are pretty much whatever people post for a project to be completed.

CBS News said that “the founders of Hacker’s List, who identify themselves as a longtime hackers, a business administration expert and a lawyer, said that they structured the Colorado-based site to indemnify themselves against liability for wrongdoing on the part of the site’s users.”

The New York Times stated that Thomas G. A. Brown, who is a “senior managing director with FTI Consulting and former chief of the computer and intellectual property crime unit of the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan, said hacker-for-hire websites posed problems. ‘Hackers for hire can permit nontechnical individuals to launch cyberattacks with a degree of deniability, lowering the barriers to entry for online crime,’ Mr. Brown said. This makes these jobs quite safe for the people requesting them.

The site has offers ranging from $100 to $5,000 showing that people really will pay quite a bit for tasks they cannot do themselves. The Hacker’s List website also lists various advantages which are enticing, such as:

  1. Guaranteed fraud protection; Hacker for hire dispute process and reviews.
  2. Confidential in every way, from billing to posting. Only you and your hacker for hire know the details of your project.
  3. Guaranteed service or your money back. Hire your hacker and if you’re not satisfied, one of our dispute resolution specialists can help you
  4. AES256 bit encryption. for both our professional hackers and people looking to hire a hacker we ensure the highest levels of privacy and security.
  5. Dedicated support and dispute resolution staff. If you have a bad experience with your professional hacker, our dispute resolution team can help.

Naked Security reports that as of this past Friday, the 40 hackers who registered on the site have been rolling in offers considering the fact that there were 844 registered jobs posted. Though it is a relatively new site, there are a lot of jobs, but it does not seem to have been picked up quite yet in the hacker community.

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