Google’s helpfulness

Google is the world’s largest online search engine. Many people don’t know that Google also has applications that help people in the everyday world. They have many applications that can be helpful to highly ranked government officials to the everyday person. The Google apps are made to take place of other software that would usually sell for hundreds of dollars.

For example, the Google app Google Docs takes place of the word processing software Microsoft Word. Where as Microsoft Word comes in a package deal from Microsoft at $80, Google gives the customer access for free. As quoted from the Google website, “Google is recognized as a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure.”

A standard Google Drive has 30 free gigabits of data storage. This is all stored on Google’s servers. This app, Google Drive, is meant to save space on a computer. Also, instead of buying a 30 gigabit hard drive, people could have 30 gigs of free storage space just by simply signing up for a Google account. Google also has an option where you can pay a small price to add more space to your drive/storage space.

Included in the Google Drive are a few other pieces of software. The first is Google Sheets which is the alternative to Excel in Microsoft. The next is Google Slides. This is Google’s form of PowerPoint. Even though Google’s version of Excel isn’t as advanced as Excel, the designers at Google are working to add on and improve the program everyday. This also is saved into Google Drive if people have a Google account.

They also have Gmail, short for Google Mail. This is Google’s email service which is compatible with all other email providers. Also, Google includes apps such as Google Calendar, Google Translate, Google News, Google Contacts, and Google Vault. All of these things are very important for both Google and their customers.

The purpose of these Google apps is for people to have all of their everyday computer software all in a easily accessible place.

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