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Draft Kings: Testing Fantasy Sports Knowledge

Draft Kings is a one day fantasy league for any sport that is going on, and anyone can participate. The users choose how they would like to bet their money from multiple different options, then users choose the amount they want to bet, what sport they want to bet on, and then draft their team. Draft Kings is a fun way to enjoy fantasy sports, especially football because the fantasy football season is over.

What makes Draft Kings interesting is that it’s not like a regular fantasy draft with other players. The user has a $50,000 salary cap (which is fake money just for the draft), and he gets to draft his players, which can range anywhere from $3,000 to $11,000. Obviously the better the player is, the more expensive he will cost. It takes time and effort to really make a solid team, especially with that salary cap.

There are many different options for betting money, and there are many different increments the user can bet. The different betting categories include guaranteed, qualifiers, head-to-head, 50/50, leagues, multipliers, steps, and beginner. The categories most users use are the guaranteed, head-to-head, 50/50, and multiplier contests.

In a guaranteed contest, there is always a prize even if the contest doesn’t fill up. What is nice about a guaranteed contest is that the contests offer a $0.25 draft, and depending on the amount of people in the contest, the top prize could be around $100. Also, what is good about these drafts is that if there are 2,350 people in the draft, the user still has a chance to double his money if he comes in 500th.

A head-to-head contest is just like how it sounds: it is one player vs. another player and the winner takes all. There are many different increments to chose from for a head-to-head contest. For example, if one chooses a $1 draft, whoever has the most fantasy points at the end will win $1.80. Now only a $0.80 profit doesn’t seem like a lot, but if one enters 5, $1 head-to-head contests and wins all of them, that $0.80 certainly adds up.

In a 50/50 contest, the users who finish in the top half win the money. So, if there are 50 people in the contest, the top 25 users will win money. These contests are a great way to build up one’s bankroll because there is a high chance of winning, and the pay out is pretty good. For example, in a 50/50 contest, if everyone pays $2 to enter, the top half would win $3.60 back, which is a pretty good profit.

A multiplier contest is a little harder to win than the other contests mentioned, but the pay out certainly pays off for the winners. In a multiplier contest, if there are 30 people in the contest, and each person pays $1 to enter, then the top 9 players win $3. That is 3x the amount the user bet, and it gets better. If a player enters a $2 contest, with 115 people in it, the top 10 player wins back $20. That is 10x the amount the user bet.

So obviously the multiplier contest has a better pay out, but of course the odds of winning are much smaller. The best part is that in each contest, the user has a chance to win, meaning there is always a winner.

If one enjoys sports, try out Draft Kings and test one’s knowledge. It’s fun, but it is also important not to get carried away because it is real money the users are betting. Go have fun on Draft Kings, and maybe one can win a big prize. Good luck!

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