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Chase’s Corner: Obama’s Presidency

Obama has been in office since 2009, and it has been a long six years so far due to his famous Obamacare and immigration laws that are being altered. Obama strives for equality in the country, and it is hard for everyone to realize that we have to accomplish important matters as a united nation. Obama cares about marriage equality and ending all discrimination between everyone in the U.S.

Obama has immigrants on his side due to his free flowing immigration laws, which helped him get more votes for his second term. Obama got more votes by letting more immigrants enter our country as written on http://www.whitehouse.gov, under the sector of immigration.

It is sad that Obama inherited all of America’s debt when he entered office in 2009, but it is bad that this debt is growing larger everyday due to our corrupt government. I feel Obama added to this debt and has not resolved our debt problem yet which is a huge issue that is growing rapidly.

Obama has made an effort to change the gun laws due to misuse of the weapons to cause trouble or seek revenge. So Obama wants to start with local laws instead of federal laws due to the wait for the act that needs to be passed in Congress. Obama loses many fans when he is trying to alter gun laws so there will be less gangs and gun violence in major cities. I know that Baltimore is a crime city that is filled with criminals that should not be able to buy guns to cause violence. I agree with his policy because it will lower violence and make our community a better place.

Obama’s response to the Benghazi situation, which took place in Libya when 4 Americans died, was scary for some Americans when he said “there is not even a smidgen of corruption.” Many Americans feel that this Benghazi situation should have been handled more carefully by Obama and everyone working to resolve this problem. This is all according to the NYpost.com article on Obama and his interview with Bill O’Rieilly.

Honestly, how did Obama know that there is no corruption when the investigation was still going on? Isn’t it strange that Obama would be so confident in his response to that question, like he knew something behind the scenes that the American people were not told about? As an American, I want to know as much information about the situation as our government knows so I can be informed.

Obama’s presidency will always be remembered in history books as very important because he is the first African American president. Honestly, Obama’s presidency has been dragged on way too long by his second term. I feel that President Obama did a great job and tried his best to help our country be a better place.

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