Buckeyes are Victorious in First National College Championship

On Monday, January 12, the underdog Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Oregon Ducks in a historical championship.   This game was exceptionally special for these two teams because it was the first national championship in college football’s playoff history.

The Dallas Cowboys stadium was packed for this matchup between the number two ranked Oregon Ducks and the number four ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota from Oregon threw a touchdown pass on the opening drive and looked as if the game was going to be a blow out.

With the help of Ezekiel Elliott rushing for 246 yards and four touchdowns, the Buckeyes were able to cap off the victory, 42-20. Elliot told a New York Times reporter, “All that stuff that we went through to get here, it’s just crazy. It doesn’t feel real.”

Urban Meyer, Ohio State’s head coach, said in a CBS news report, “It’s done. It’s over. They accepted their final mission, their final assignment and their final directive, and they did it. That was our whole mantra this last couple of weeks. A job well done, and we’re very grateful.” This shows the poise and determination the team went through over the past few weeks leading up to this championship.

Throughout this season, the Buckeyes faced many injuries, specifically to their first and second quarterbacks. Cardale Jones, the third string quarterback, accounted for two scores and the eventual victory. After the game, Jones said, “It’s even better than I thought. It’s an unreal feeling. The seniors never could win a bowl game in four years. This is for them.”

For somebody that hasn’t started in any games until the last two most important games in the history of the university, Jones did a remarkable job. He remained calm and confident throughout both games and rarely messed up.

According to a New York Times article on the game, “The Ohio State offense may have been less sophisticated, but it was more effective.”

This game showed the resilience and professionalism the Ohio State football team portrayed. With the amount of loss, from both injuries and death this team faced over the past year, the Buckeyes were able to overcome the odds and win the National Championship.

Teams around the world can learn from this and use it as a model. Ohio State will go down in the history books and will never be forgotten for this memorable season.

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