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A Look into Conspiracy Theories

Around the world, there are people who believe certain events or certain places have weird stories behind them.  Some of the most interesting stories are those that aren’t confirmed to be true.  Often, these stories are created by people who are known as conspiracy theorists.

One of the most intriguing conspiracy theories is that of the Denver airport.   The theory is that underneath the massive airport lies a hidden bunker that has been kept secret to the average population. Theorists believe this could be used for reasons such as protection from a nuclear strike.  Other people believe the tunnels located underneath the airport will be a place where mass genocide is committed.

The Denver airport also causes people paranoia of the New World Order (a powerful group in control of the world, or on the verge of gaining such control). People believe they are in control of this underground area and will be the ones to commit mass genocide.

These ideas came about because the Denver airport was built when there was already an airport nearby.  The Denver airport had no technological advances, and it was about the same size as the current airport.  The Denver airport is full of weird symbols including a horse with red eyes and strange murals portraying a genocide.  To view some pictures of the murals go to: paintings (

The next theory is one that has been discussed for quite some time.  This is the assassination of John F.  Kennedy.  There are an assortment of theories surrounding this event. Conspiracy theorists believe the CIA played a role in his death.

The reason people believe this to be true is due to the fact that the CIA was upset with JFK because of changes being made within the agency because of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Also, the CIA is believed to have been upset with JFK because he discharged employees for not agreeing with him. (

On the date of September 11, 2001, tragedy struck NYC.  Two planes crashed into the buildings of the twin towers.  This event brought up many questions from conspiracy theorists. One of the most interesting ideas is that the twin towers were destroyed through bombs, not planes.

People who witnessed the tragedy said they heard loud explosions while attempting to escape. Also, some scientists say that a plane’s fuel would not be hot enough to melt  the steel frame of the two buildings.  Many architects also agree with this idea.  (

These events are some of the most popular conspiracy theories around.  Many sound impossible, but the facts are certainly intriguing.