Top Baltimore Restaurants

Baltimore is home to a variety of wonderful restaurants ranging from high-end dinners to quick-but-delicious breakfasts.

The Prime Rib is a five star restaurant located on N Calvert Street.  This restaurant is home to some of the best steaks in the state. This restaurant has received incredibly high reviews, with compliments going toward the chef on the excellent food. This restaurant is incredibly classy and has wonderful service.  It’s a high-end restaurant with high prices. Steak lovers should all try the Prime Rib.

Charleston is a restaurant located on Lancaster St. It is a high-end restaurant receiving mostly positive reviews. Charleston has very good service, as would be expected with this caliber of a restaurant. Obviously people don’t go there for just the high end service, but they go for the food.

People rave about the quality of the food served at the Charleston. It is delicious, and the types of food vary. Here is a menu to the restaurant. The only downside of the Charleston is the high prices. People can’t expect to go into the Charleston without taking a hit to their wallets. With all of this said, the Charleston is certainly one of the top restaurants in Baltimore.

The Food Market, led by award-winning chef Chad Gauss, is located on West 36th St. This laid-back restaurant serves comfort food in a modern designed restaurant. The Food Market serves dinner every night along with a brunch on Sunday. The menu has a wide variety of food, as can be seen here.  The food Market has had positive reviews. The one negative to this restaurant is the small space and design can cause for loudness within the restaurant

Miss Shirley’s is one of the best places to get breakfast. They have an assortment of delicious breakfast items as can be seen here. One of the more popular parts of the menu is Cakes on the Griddle. On this section of the menu, the customer can find anything ranging from regular buttermilk pancakes to cinnamon Danish. The downfall to the restaurant is the overpriced meals.

Maryland is full of great restaurants, but for food lovers, the restaurants above are ones that are highly recommended. They range from delicious breakfasts to high-end steaks. The food is delicious and is sure to leave the customers who eat there satisfied.

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