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The Decline of the SEC

The Southeastern Conference has always been a dominant power in college football; however, the quality of teams and recruiting has been on the decline.

The decline in quality in the SEC mixed with the rising power of other conferences, such as the Big 12, with teams emerging such as TCU, Baylor, and even Kansas State, has led to a much different college football season.  The SEC had its time on top with one of their teams winning the BCS championship (now known as the College Football Championship with the new playoff change) from 2006-2013.

The top 5 teams in the SEC West this season went 0-5 during their prospective bowls with notable losses such as Alabama’s Sugar Bowl loss to Ohio State, leaving them out of the championship game.  On top of that, the most notable was Ole Miss’ Peach Bowl loss to TCU, a whopping 42-3.

TCU had some vengeance going into bowl season, being left out of the top 4 teams for the playoffs.  TCU came off a miraculous season, and with such a dominating win versus an SEC team that floated in the top 25, there are big expectations going into the 2015-2016 season.

TCU is one of three emerging teams in the Big 12, the others being Baylor and Kansas State.  Baylor was also one of the teams left out of the playoffs due to their strength of schedule.  Kansas State frankly came out of nowhere and had a tremendous showing, finishing third in the Big 12 above Oklahoma AND Texas, two teams that have been the only competitors in the Big 12 for years.

One cannot forget the ACC as well: Florida State went undefeated last year winning the championship, and also went undefeated this year until losing to a champion-favored Oregon team in the Rose Bowl 59-20.  Coach Jimbo Fisher and quarterback Jameis Winston turned that program around, and while the rest of the ACC was not as dominant as them, Georgia Tech surprised some people by beating Georgia on rivalry weekend and beating Mississippi State in the Orange bowl.

Besides that, the Pac 12 and the Big Ten have their teams in Oregon and Ohio State, both dominating their conferences and making their way to the first College Football Championship with the playoff system.

The SEC just is not as dominant in college football as it used to be.  With emerging talent in all of the other power 5 conferences, the SEC does not stand far above them anymore.

While an avid SEC fan, I realize their decrease in talent, and believe the college football season will be much more exciting to watch when Alabama isn’t winning the championship by thirty points every year.

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