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Review of Winter Break

The most highly anticipated and exciting time of the school year for anyone throughout the Boys’ Latin community, other than the last day of school, is winter break.  Exams are over, popular holidays are underway, and the temperature is dropping.  The two weeks of no school brings joy in traveling and family for most, with the occasional Grinch or Scrooge.

When school lets out, plans are made to get away from the cold and head south, chase it to the slopes, or simply just stay home. “Wisp is an easy 3 hour drive and it’s rad. I cannot wait!” said senior Patrick Coffay, who is very exited for his trip to Deep Creek, Maryland.

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For most in the Jewish community, the favorite holiday is Hanukkah.  This is an opportunity to spend solid time with family and friends and light the menorah.

During this time, it is not out of the ordinary to receive gifts. “I had a pretty good time; I got a couple nice shirts and ties,” said senior Matt Sacks.

For eights days and nights, the holiday is celebrated by lighting the menorah, each night adding one more candle.

This school year, Hanukkah ended just before break.

For the two week break, several individuals headed south to warm weather to places like Florida or the Caribbean.

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Christmas fell inside the boundaries of the break.  Many people take the days around Christmas to spend some quality time with extended family, whom they may not see throughout the rest of the year.  Also very popular, Christmas is a holiday for giving, which also means receiving for the most part.

“My favorite gift this year was probably my brand new pair of skis. I can’t wait to get out and shred!”  said senior Michael Cayce, as he reflected on the past holiday.

Winter break does not only revolve around strictly religious holidays. New Years Eve is a favorite among most no matter what age, religion, or gender. At 12 a.m. on January 1st, people moved on from 2014 and forward to starting a new year of 2015. However, after the ball drops, it is back to reality. School begins and the teachers are ready to go, and this magical time called winter break came to and end.

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