Playoff Run Ends for Ravens

The Ravens’ first game in the playoffs was against the Patriots this past Saturday, and if they won, they would have advanced into the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Ravens lost against the Patriots and the final score was 35-31 due to Tom Brady’s great quarterbacking skills.

The Baltimore Ravens had a tough game against the Patriots due to their flawless offense. The Patriots offense is very strong due to their great and reliable quarterback that is not afraid to put everything out on the field. Gronkowski had 108 completion yards and Tom Brady had 367 passing yards to clinch the playoff victory.

The Ravens played the Steelers the week before and beat them but got lucky toward the middle of the game due to Joe Flacco’s touchdowns. Joe Flacco now has opportunities to throw to receivers, something he didn’t have before.

Everyone knows that it takes good pass plays to gain yardage, and this impacts the game greatly, and the Ravens offense passed the ball well. The Steelers game was a great example of why the Ravens deserved to be in the playoffs and have a chance to make history once again.

Justin Forsett is the Ravens’ best running back this year, and he has helped the team greatly by earning rushing yards. Forsett also impacted the offense by giving Flacco a break from always throwing the ball.

On the other hand, the Ravens defense is very strong and aggressive part of their team.

The Ravens’ record is 10 wins and 7 losses in the 2014-15 season. Even though Flacco had a good season, fans were still worried about the chances of winning in the playoffs due to the team’s six losses.

The Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh has been coaching the Ravens for seven years. Even though the team lost to the Patriots, they wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs without Harbaugh’s experience.

The Baltimore Ravens had a good season because they started playing better due to great teamwork. Thanks to Joe Flacco and his great touchdown passes due to his determination to play his best. The Ravens had a decent season, but it is unfortunate that their luck ran out so early in the playoffs.

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