Future of Cruise Lines Enhanced by New Technology

The concept of being on the ocean in a cruise ship for a vacation get away has been around for quite some time. And as some may know, the first one was completed in 1900; The Prinzessin Victoria Luise of Germany. But now 115 years later, technology and luxury has evolved, and is headed in a new direction.

Royal Caribbean International’s new Quantum of the Seas sets a new standard for cruise lines everywhere. This ship takes advantage of modern day technology and even seemingly sci-fi tech as well to enhance the passengers’ experience aboard. According to Royal Caribbean’s website, this new ship offers various new technologies to enhance the fun aboard.

Aboard the Quantum of the Seas, patrons will be able to enjoy RipCord by IFLY ®, which is the “first ever sky-diving simulator at sea!” and North StarSM. Royal Caribbean stated that North StarSM is a crane like system that “gently ascends over 300 feet above sea level,” thus allowing for “breathtaking 360° views of the sea and our destinations…”

This new ship also has transformative venues. This means that families can “experience completely revolutionary spaces that transform from day to night. Play basketball, go roller skating and ride bumper cars at the SeaplexSM. Relax with a book at Two70°SM and come back at night for a spectacular aerial show” all in the same areas. And lastly, Royal Caribbean has introduced “Dynamic Dining,” which gives an extreme amount of flexibility in food choices.

For the adults, Sarah Fecht from Popular Science wrote in her article, “Is This the Cruise Ship of the Future?”, the process by which the Bionic Bar operates. “To order a drink at the Bionic Bar, you scan your SeaPass on one of the tablets mounted around the room, which provides a list of cocktail recipes the robot knows…For ice, it hits a lever on a regular ice machine installed in the wall. Then it moves up to the ceiling, where at least 100 bottles of liquor are suspended upside down, no doubt meticulously arranged…”

Having a robot serve drinks and paying electronically is indeed a step into the future. Families will be pleased to know that even though this is new technology and a new cruise ship, the cost wont break the bank. Fox News’ article “Taking the Kids — aboard the new Quantum of the Seas” by Eileen Ogintz, said that the cruises start at under $1,200 so families won’t have to bust their budget.

Activities for the kids and adults alike include bumper cars, roller-skating, a full-size basketball court that is also used for soccer, volleyball, and badminton, rock climbing, mini golf, pools, outdoor movies, and a ton more. All these new things mixed in with old allows families and passengers to have a unique and fun experience.

But beyond the activities, another step into the future is consideration for the environment. New cruise ships will have new environmental improvements. According to Popular Science, these include advanced sewage treatement systems so that the water released into the ocean is as safe as possible, even potentially clean enough to drink, the burning of cleaner fuels and use of scrubbers, which are apparatuses that use water or a solution to purify gases or vapors, and the incorporation of sails and/or solar panels to assist with power.

There are so many changes in today’s technology and environment that these ships of the future will provide more fun and comfort for families while increasing its friendliness to the environment. Using modern and sci-fi like technologies, the world will be seeing new ships with more activities and virtualization in the near future.

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