Cleveland Quarterback Controversy Still Exists

The controversy in Cleveland still exists as to who should lead the Browns: Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel.

The controversy was a factor as to who would start the crucial game against the Colts. The decision was made that Hoyer would get the start because he led the team this whole way and put them in possible playoff contention. Although the decision was made, Manziel is thought to have gotten the nod instead of Hoyer because Manziel is the biggest threat and can do it all.

Manziel creates the most havoc for a defensive game plan standpoint; Hoyer is older and cannot run as much coming off of an ACL surgery.

Manziel had not been on the field since Week 3. Week 13 arrived and Hoyer started. During the game, Hoyer threw 3 interceptions and was benched. In came Manziel. On his first full drive with the Browns, he led them into the endzone scoring the touchdown himself with his legs.

However, in the game against the Ravens, Manziel was seen on the field for the first time under center. On his first snap, he turned around and handed the ball off to Terence West.

Hoyer came jogging on the field after the play and Manziel went jogging off, although he didn’t fully go off the field. He was on the sideline lined up as a receiver for a trick play and the Ravens did not see him. Hoyer got the ball and threw it to him and he ran and got a big gain.

In the opening game of the season, the Browns lost a hard fought game, 30-27. Brian Hoyer played well, throwing for 222 yards and a touchdown, according to Manziel did not step foot on the field.

As the games went on, Hoyer threw for more and more yards and stayed steady with throwing a touchdown pass a game. Although after every game, Pettine was bombarded with questions as to when the football world would see Manziel on the field.

In the preseason, Manziel went through camp struggling. It was a hard adjustment for him to make with looking at new coverages and new defensive fronts. He threw numerous interceptions in camp while Hoyer shined and showed his firm grasp of the offensive schemes and sets. Brian Hoyer was named the starter for the opening preseason game against the Detroit Lions on August 10.

In Cleveland, a quarterback controversy has been the talk of the team since the number 22 pick of the NFL Draft was drafted. Johnny Manziel was drafted on May 8, 2014.


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