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Cars and Coffee a Fun Option for Saturday Morning

Cars and Coffee is a free car show at the Hunt Valley Town Center every Saturday morning. It occurs from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and depending on the weather, there is usually a good turn out. I have been going to Cars and Coffee with fellow classmate Cameron Miller, for the past 4 weeks now, and we always have a good time talking to other car lovers and looking at their cars.

The most fun part about Cars and Coffee is of course all the cars. Since it is winter time, only about 40-50 cars have been showing up, but once the weather gets warmer, the amount of cars increases significantly. The cars range from awesome classics to brand new exotic cars.

My all time favorite car I have seen while going to Cars and Coffee is the Lamborghini Countach. If you don’t know what this car is, it is the white Lamborghini that is featured in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Some of my other favorite cars I have seen include a Ferrari F430, Porsche GT3, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and a bunch of classic Corvettes and Camaros.

Cars and Coffee is enjoyable because it’s fun to talk to other people there. Everyone is there for the same purpose, and that is to look at and talk about cars. The best part is that it is free to go and hang out. Over these past 4 weeks, I and Cameron have met some really nice and cool guys.

Cameron’s and my Saturday morning consist of waking up at 7:30 a.m., and then getting on the road by 8 a.m., which is when everyone begins to arrive. We get Chick-Fil-A breakfast of course, then park the car, and enjoy everyone’s vehicles they brought.

The one downside about winter time is of course the weather. The cold temperatures, rain, and snow all factor in to how many people are going to show up and bring their cars. Luckily for Cameron and I, the first couple times we went the weather wasn’t bad, but last week it happened to rain, so not too many people made the journey.

What makes Cars and Coffee so special is that it is people from completely different backgrounds, who all come together because of cars. Even if someone doesn’t know about cars, and they just enjoy looking at them, Cars and Coffee is a great place to go and do that. If one appreciates cars, I encourage them to come check out Cars and Coffee on Saturday; one won’t be disappointed!

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