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Madden Mobile Spreads Like Wild Fire

Football season may be over for Boys’ Latin, but it is not necessarily over. People are probably thinking how is that possible when the season is over. Well, that is because there is an app that is spreading like wild fire.

This app is called Madden Mobile. Just as the name says, the app is Madden, but instead  of it being played on an Xbox or Playstation, it is for a phone or a tablet. Most people do not know who introduced this game into the BL community. When asked, people usually say that Gavin “Lenny” Howell introduced them to the game.

It is not like any other football app. This app is more than just playing football; there is strategy behind this app. It is an ultimate team style game, which means the player has to build his team from scratch.

Luke Brown plays the game “to pass time in school.” Lenny plays it “to pay the bills,” Shewell plays it “when I am bored or when I feel like going off in Madden,” and Danny Robinson said, “I play it because it is the only app that can engage you over a period of time.”

When things like games go around the halls of BL, they usually are trends that do not last forever. They become very popular but they fade away. But when asked the question will Madden Mobile last or will it be another trend that just fades away, the majority of the people said that they think Madden will last because it is a good game that never gets old.

One of the things that make this game interesting is the competition of having the best team in the school. A lot of people say that they have the best team, but only continued play will determine who is the best.

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