Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 Million, 13 Year Contract

This fall, Giancarlo Stanton received a record-breaking contract to receive $325 million in a period of 13 years to play for the Miami Marlins.  This outstanding contract has sparked controversy in the baseball world including fans and critics.  Some find it horrible and unfair that he is going to get this amount of money, while others find it plenty fair.

Giancarlo Stanton has been named “Best National League Player other than Clayton Kershaw,” according to SB Nation.  He ended his 2014 year season, which was cut short by injury, as a 24 year old with 5 years under his belt.  Many general managers were setting up packages to release him from the Marlins.  In order to keep him, Stanton was offered a contract to keep him for a so called lifetime for major league baseball.  Stanton does have the choice to opt out after 6 years.

Stanton’s contract is not all that it seems to be. Over his years, he is expected to pay around $141 million in taxes, nearly half of the full amount.  Assuming Stanton will live in Florida, he will pay nearly $130 million in federal taxes and around $8 million in jock taxes, which are for working in other states as a professional, according to NBC Sports.

Senior Liam Madden, a stellar baseball player and Orioles fan, thinks this contract is an outrage.  He said, “It is ridiculous that he gets nearly $40,000 at an at bat, and over $100,000 to strike out, looking at the stats.”  This is a familiar position among many people who follow the MLB.

On the other hand, senior Tyler Steinberg finds the opposite.  He said, “Giancarlo is a boss and deserves the money that he is getting for all his hard work; if I had all that money, I would buy a nice big house and some nice cars too.”  Tyler believes that Stanton’s hard work on and off the field deserves this contract.

The introduction of Stanton’s contract is a sign of the inflation of the prices in the baseball community.  Some say that in the next twenty years that this kind of contract will be normal.


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