Evolution and Technology in Race Karts

Race go karts have the newest technology in this day and age due to companies and people crafting the best and highest quality parts. These special parts are lightweight and durable because of the wear and tear that is put on the race karts. In the 1950s, most of the race go karts were made out of metal and a strong engine to power it. They would cost as much as three thousand dollars.

People and companies used lightweight materials by making the fuel tank out of laminated plastic. These old race karts reach a high speed of 100 mph on a straight track.The metal used in the 1950s made race karts very heavy so it could withstand high speed and good turning radius. Most race karts back then looked like miniature cars that were built for speed.

Most of the engineers’ problems building these race karts were figuring out a good power and weight ratio so the old race kart could achieve maximum speeds. In 1957, Don Desbrow built a race kart out of a US Army controlled drone engine that was 250cc. This is why the go kart was named the Drone. Don Desbrow raced it in the 1957 Rose Bowl parking lot.

By the 1960s, people had factory go kart racing teams in California that competed all around the state traveling in team buses with all the equipment.  The equipment and parts started to become more complex and stronger so the race kart could perform at higher levels. These midget go karts had huge engines made by Briggs and Stanton and different fabricators.

In 1967, a company called Reaction Dynamics built a very fast rocket kart with a thousand pounds of thrust. Jack McClure owned and raced a modified 1963 Rupp Dart Kart powered by a pair of turbonique T-16 rocket motors. These rocket powerred race karts could reach up to 150 mph in 7.3 seconds, according to

The McMulloch company built great small go kart engines in the 1970s. They were very popular due to their durability and easy tuning. During the 1970s, people were interested in tuning the race karts by taking off the governor. This causes maximum horsepower and torque which makes the engine almost last 1/2 as long.

In the late 1970s, Yamaha started producing race go kart engines that were high quality due to the strong metal used to build them. The Yamaha company was known for extra torque and easy adjustments of the clutch and chain.

The WKA started in 1980 and it stands for the World Karting Association. This then evolved into professional go kart racing. The technology used in race karts in 2014 is amazing and the mechanics took race go karting to a whole new level, according to

The brake rotor discs are a lot stronger due to new lighter metal and better disc pads. The wheels have also been updated to slicks that are lightweight but still durable.

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