BL Hockey 2014-2015

The hockey team at Boys’ Latin is not always the most talked about sport, but they are still a very important part of the athletic department at Boys’ Latin. In the 2011-2012 hockey season, Boys’ Latin won the championship, and in 2012-2013 they went to the championship but fell short to Gilman.

Last year was not the best year the hockey team had, going 0-9. However, this year they will fight their way back to be one of the top teams in the conference.

 The hockey team at Boys’ Latin is composed of die hard hockey lovers such as Joey Celentano, Danny Robinson, Liam Madden, Chris Walker, and Colton Haugh. This season, the Boys’ Latin’s hockey team has a very good chance in competing for the playoffs.

When asked how the team is looking this year, Liam Madden responded, “I think we’re off to a real strong start; we are picking up right where we left off last year.” Due to senior leadership, the main strength of the team this year is on the defensive side of the ice.

This is what Joey Celentano had to say about his defense: “Our strength this year is undoubtedly defense, with the rotation of Danny Robinson, Justin Levendusky, Liam Madden and Patrick McDermot. They play well consistently, and they are the back stops of the team.”

As for goalie Joey Celentano, here is what one of his defensemen Liam Madden had to say about him: “When he’s not helping varsity lacrosse win a national championship, he blesses us with his presence in goal; Joey has been very solid for us.”

On the offensive side of the ice, the team seems to struggle a bit. Having a solid first line is not the problem, but the depth or lack there of is the problem.

“This year we have four lines, but that doesn’t mean that all four lines are going to be able to go out and score consistently. Our first line is obviously the strongest, consisting of Chris Walker, Bo Dudley, and Colton Haugh. If we could get our second and third lines to start producing more, that would definitely add to our team,” said Joey Celentano.

The Boys’ Latin hockey team is off to a great start this season. If they can keep it up, they will most likely find themselves with a spot in the playoffs. It should not be a problem to stay on top, especially with the senior leaders that the team has.

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