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Apple Vs. Android: Which is the Best?

Which platform is better? 

In the USA and the world, there is a constant debate about the Android and iOS platforms. There are people who want to have the best and the answer is not that clear. Both of the platforms have their own characteristics. With the iPhone, what you see is what you get. The user interface is the same on each of the available models meaning the transition from generation to generation is smoother. On the other hand, Android is made to be edited by the manufacturer who is releasing the device. These modifications can often completely change the look and feel of an Android phone. At the end of the day, the choice is up to the consumer. The question, “Which platform is better,” is up to the consumer.

Which platform is more secure?

The security concerns and both platforms have their pros and cons. In this case, Apple is more secure. According to http://www.trustedreviews.com, iPhones are more secure. Android is targeted by hackers more because it’s used more on the global scale. This may change if users update their Androids more often, but Android has trouble getting updates to their users.  The inconsistency of Android devices across old versions plays into the hands of malware creators which gives Apple the edge in security.

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5:

This is the most common question asked in the current market: “Would you rather buy the iPhone6 or the Galaxy S5?” According to the pictures below from http://techland.time.com, Android beats Apple in sales in 2013. This surprised many people because people see many celebrities with iPhones and not Androids. Apple products and Android products are very close, though.



On the global scale according to http://techland.time.com’s picture below, Android is killing Apple, seizing over 70% of the market. This is because iPhones are used more in the USA and Androids are used primarily in other countries such as Japan where they are made.  This splits the companies in two. Apple products are mostly sold in the USA. Android, on the other hand. is a more global business. In the grand scheme of things, both companies are winners. According to http://techland.time.com, the winner is, “Android if you’re talking about market share; iOS if you mean financial success. So far, this is a strikingly different market than the PC business back in the 1990s, when market share translated directly into financial success.”  Android has made more money, but Apple has better technology. This may change down the road. In the end, it is all up to the consumer. No amount of  stats can change the opinion of the people buying the phone.

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The following videos show the top 5 advantages of one company over the other.





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