Buckeyes are Victorious in First National College Championship

On Monday, January 12, the underdog Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Oregon Ducks in a historical championship.   This game was exceptionally special for these two teams because it was the first national championship in college football’s playoff history.

The Dallas Cowboys stadium was packed for this matchup between the number two ranked Oregon Ducks and the number four ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota from Oregon threw a touchdown pass on the opening drive and looked as if the game was going to be a blow out.

With the help of Ezekiel Elliott rushing for 246 yards and four touchdowns, the Buckeyes were able to cap off the victory, 42-20. Elliot told a New York Times reporter, “All that stuff that we went through to get here, it’s just crazy. It doesn’t feel real.”

Urban Meyer, Ohio State’s head coach, said in a CBS news report, “It’s done. It’s over. They accepted their final mission, their final assignment and their final directive, and they did it. That was our whole mantra this last couple of weeks. A job well done, and we’re very grateful.” This shows the poise and determination the team went through over the past few weeks leading up to this championship.

Throughout this season, the Buckeyes faced many injuries, specifically to their first and second quarterbacks. Cardale Jones, the third string quarterback, accounted for two scores and the eventual victory. After the game, Jones said, “It’s even better than I thought. It’s an unreal feeling. The seniors never could win a bowl game in four years. This is for them.”

For somebody that hasn’t started in any games until the last two most important games in the history of the university, Jones did a remarkable job. He remained calm and confident throughout both games and rarely messed up.

According to a New York Times article on the game, “The Ohio State offense may have been less sophisticated, but it was more effective.”

This game showed the resilience and professionalism the Ohio State football team portrayed. With the amount of loss, from both injuries and death this team faced over the past year, the Buckeyes were able to overcome the odds and win the National Championship.

Teams around the world can learn from this and use it as a model. Ohio State will go down in the history books and will never be forgotten for this memorable season.

A Look into Conspiracy Theories

Around the world, there are people who believe certain events or certain places have weird stories behind them.  Some of the most interesting stories are those that aren’t confirmed to be true.  Often, these stories are created by people who are known as conspiracy theorists.

One of the most intriguing conspiracy theories is that of the Denver airport.   The theory is that underneath the massive airport lies a hidden bunker that has been kept secret to the average population. Theorists believe this could be used for reasons such as protection from a nuclear strike.  Other people believe the tunnels located underneath the airport will be a place where mass genocide is committed.

The Denver airport also causes people paranoia of the New World Order (a powerful group in control of the world, or on the verge of gaining such control). People believe they are in control of this underground area and will be the ones to commit mass genocide.

These ideas came about because the Denver airport was built when there was already an airport nearby.  The Denver airport had no technological advances, and it was about the same size as the current airport.  The Denver airport is full of weird symbols including a horse with red eyes and strange murals portraying a genocide.  To view some pictures of the murals go to: http://mtnweekly.com/news/denver-airport paintings (http://www.exploringlifesmysteries.com/denver-international-airport-conspiracy/)

The next theory is one that has been discussed for quite some time.  This is the assassination of John F.  Kennedy.  There are an assortment of theories surrounding this event. Conspiracy theorists believe the CIA played a role in his death.

The reason people believe this to be true is due to the fact that the CIA was upset with JFK because of changes being made within the agency because of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Also, the CIA is believed to have been upset with JFK because he discharged employees for not agreeing with him. (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2013/11/21/john-kennedy-conspiracy-theories-assasination/3661891/)

On the date of September 11, 2001, tragedy struck NYC.  Two planes crashed into the buildings of the twin towers.  This event brought up many questions from conspiracy theorists. One of the most interesting ideas is that the twin towers were destroyed through bombs, not planes.

People who witnessed the tragedy said they heard loud explosions while attempting to escape. Also, some scientists say that a plane’s fuel would not be hot enough to melt  the steel frame of the two buildings.  Many architects also agree with this idea.  (http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/news/debunking-911-myths-world-trade-center)

These events are some of the most popular conspiracy theories around.  Many sound impossible, but the facts are certainly intriguing.

Student Spotlight: Chase Lubke

The life of Chase Lubke is most definitely an interesting one to say the least. From the dances down the hallways to the businessman he is trying to become, Chase Lubke lives his life like no other. The pretentious businessman that he portrays himself to be is something that most people usually don’t take seriously.

Lubke will be attending Salisbury University and will be majoring in investment banking. “I want to major in this thanks to Coach Schell’s economics class, and because of my passion for money ever since I was a little kid,” said Lubke.

All throughout the summer, whether it be raining or scorching sun, the legend himself would be putting hours into the landscaping business he had worked for. “I worked very hard over this summer with a landscaping business. I made great money and it was also fun getting to know all of the guys on the job.”

However, a long-term injury had played a big role in his ability to move mulch and pick weeds, so Chase would take a necessary break throughout the day. A trip back to the truck to enjoy a few waters was a necessity for Lubke.

“Having a back injury while trying to landscape was no fun at all; I was in constant pain, but I had to work through it,” said Lubke. Without a break, Lubke’s back would not be in any shape to continue the demanding work of landscaping.

A fragmented back would have no bearing on his ability to continue to make money on a day-to-day basis throughout the summer. However, Lubke is paying the price for it right now. Unfortunately, the four year hockey starter had to call it quits his senior year due to the amount of pain his back caused him. “It’s been really difficult because it’s my senior year and not being able to play is a really big bummer.”

Lubke is now a very supportive teammate, attending all the games, being the “water boy” some might say. “Whenever I come off the ice, Lubke always has a water waiting for me, so I can relax for a second and then get ready to get back out there,” said Danny Robinson.

Through all of the physical and emotional pain that Lubke has been through, he is still a hard worker. Although Lubke may come across as a joker and someone who doesn’t take anything seriously, that is not always the case. Lubke works hard and he is someone who makes the BL community a great place.

History and Know How of Snowboarding

While winter is at full throttle, many seek out the adventures that only the cold weather can offer.  For generations, people have fled their everyday lives to vacation in the mountains. For a while, skiers ruled the slopes, until Jack Burton and Tom Sims came up with a new way to ride.

Sims came up with a design that replicated a skateboard but had a slick bottom to slide over the snow. But not until 1980 did Burton design the first real ski technology for snowboards. Burton created a prototype with a p-tex base that resembled the base of skis. Like skateboarding, snowboarding was looked down upon. Out of the 600 some ski resorts, only 37 allowed snowboarding, leaving the snowboarders to find interesting places to board, like landfills.

imgres                            images-3

The fast growing sport of snowboarding has gotten very popular and is now welcome at most resorts. The advancements in all aspects of snowboarding has been incredible. Anything from the boots to the goggles can be specified and customized for a wide range of riding.

There is much more to a snowboard than many think. Layers and shapes of boards are changed for different types of riding, such as park, powder, or all mountain.

A snowboard that is ridden in the park has to be very strong and very lightweight. Layers of wood and carbon fiber are placed in different patterns to accommodate the stress that will be put on it while landing a trick off a jump or riding a rail.


For the opposite side of the mountain, powder boards are designed to cut through and float on top of the snow. Sometimes the shape of these so-called back-hill boards stray from the symmetrical shape and have a fish tail. The tail gives a better ride for carving through powder.


While picking a snowboard nowadays, a lighter board is the better choice. A heavy snowboard may be a bit faster, but not by much. A lighter board can still be fast and is easier to control.

In the snowboarding world, there always seems to be two or three different preferences. The first thing a snowboarder finds is which direction he is comfortable in, goofy or regular. Goofy is when the right foot is in the front and regular is with the left foot first.

Two popular types of bindings would be either traditional or speed. The traditional bindings have two straps that the rider cinches tight, while speed bindings have a back that falls down and the rider can slip his boot into the binding and pull the back up behind the boot.

images-1      images

Snowboarding is a very fast growing sport with boundaries being broken and advances in technology. It is odd that the senior generation was the first to witness snowboarding and see how far it has come in such a short period of time.









Chase’s Corner: Obama’s Presidency

Obama has been in office since 2009, and it has been a long six years so far due to his famous Obamacare and immigration laws that are being altered. Obama strives for equality in the country, and it is hard for everyone to realize that we have to accomplish important matters as a united nation. Obama cares about marriage equality and ending all discrimination between everyone in the U.S.

Obama has immigrants on his side due to his free flowing immigration laws, which helped him get more votes for his second term. Obama got more votes by letting more immigrants enter our country as written on http://www.whitehouse.gov, under the sector of immigration.

It is sad that Obama inherited all of America’s debt when he entered office in 2009, but it is bad that this debt is growing larger everyday due to our corrupt government. I feel Obama added to this debt and has not resolved our debt problem yet which is a huge issue that is growing rapidly.

Obama has made an effort to change the gun laws due to misuse of the weapons to cause trouble or seek revenge. So Obama wants to start with local laws instead of federal laws due to the wait for the act that needs to be passed in Congress. Obama loses many fans when he is trying to alter gun laws so there will be less gangs and gun violence in major cities. I know that Baltimore is a crime city that is filled with criminals that should not be able to buy guns to cause violence. I agree with his policy because it will lower violence and make our community a better place.

Obama’s response to the Benghazi situation, which took place in Libya when 4 Americans died, was scary for some Americans when he said “there is not even a smidgen of corruption.” Many Americans feel that this Benghazi situation should have been handled more carefully by Obama and everyone working to resolve this problem. This is all according to the NYpost.com article on Obama and his interview with Bill O’Rieilly.

Honestly, how did Obama know that there is no corruption when the investigation was still going on? Isn’t it strange that Obama would be so confident in his response to that question, like he knew something behind the scenes that the American people were not told about? As an American, I want to know as much information about the situation as our government knows so I can be informed.

Obama’s presidency will always be remembered in history books as very important because he is the first African American president. Honestly, Obama’s presidency has been dragged on way too long by his second term. I feel that President Obama did a great job and tried his best to help our country be a better place.

Senior Top Classes of 2015

Unfortunately, the Boys’ Latin Class of 2015 will experience their last semester ever as a Laker next week. Among the halls, there have been a lot of conversations about the senior retreat, the college process, and things to do before they head off to college. But, no senior has recently talked about their favorite classes due to the ‘senioritis’ kicking in.

Senioritis has been a problem for many seniors this year, and everyone of them is trying their best to get through the rest of the year without any issues. So, after some interesting interviews, a few seniors had some opinions about their favorite classes during the fall.

Gavin Callahan, a Wagner-bound senior, said, “The class that I liked the most would have to be Modern American Drama with Mrs. Molling. Mrs. Molling is a great teacher, and she is so much fun to be around.

I am taking very challenging classes this year, and her class is a great class to get away from the large workload. Mrs. Molling knows how to make the class entertaining; we get to act, watch movies, and do some intriguing speech exercises. I’m definitely going to miss her class next semester!”

Matthew Sacks, a lacrosse player that will attend Furman University next fall, said, “My favorite class would probably be Economics with Coach Schell. In this class, I have learned so much about money, how to save, and what to look for in stocks. The lessons that Coach has taught me will help me for the rest of my life.

The thing that stood out the most is the fact that the class is so fun. I don’t really like math and numbers, but Coach Schell knows how to make the class enjoyable, and it really makes our lives so much easier.”

Tyler Steinberg, a Stevenson-bound senior, said, “My favorite class of the first semester was Contemporary Non-Fiction with Mrs. Fenstermaker. Mrs. Fenstermaker is new here this year, but I feel like she has been here for a very long time due to her ability to relate to us seniors.

Her class is fun and entertaining, and it is overall a good class to take. Also, we get to write articles for the school newspaper. Her class would easily be ranked one of the top classes of the first semester because it is such a relaxing, laid back class, if you do all of your work.”

Widener-bound senior Luke Brown said, “My favorite class is psychology. It is so much fun, and I learn a lot about how people react to certain situations. Mrs. Kenney is so cool, and she knows how to keep the class very entertaining.”

Even though the year is coming to an end after one more semester, there will be many more class opinions from seniors to come!

Google’s helpfulness

Google is the world’s largest online search engine. Many people don’t know that Google also has applications that help people in the everyday world. They have many applications that can be helpful to highly ranked government officials to the everyday person. The Google apps are made to take place of other software that would usually sell for hundreds of dollars.

For example, the Google app Google Docs takes place of the word processing software Microsoft Word. Where as Microsoft Word comes in a package deal from Microsoft at $80, Google gives the customer access for free. As quoted from the Google website, “Google is recognized as a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure.”

A standard Google Drive has 30 free gigabits of data storage. This is all stored on Google’s servers. This app, Google Drive, is meant to save space on a computer. Also, instead of buying a 30 gigabit hard drive, people could have 30 gigs of free storage space just by simply signing up for a Google account. Google also has an option where you can pay a small price to add more space to your drive/storage space.

Included in the Google Drive are a few other pieces of software. The first is Google Sheets which is the alternative to Excel in Microsoft. The next is Google Slides. This is Google’s form of PowerPoint. Even though Google’s version of Excel isn’t as advanced as Excel, the designers at Google are working to add on and improve the program everyday. This also is saved into Google Drive if people have a Google account.

They also have Gmail, short for Google Mail. This is Google’s email service which is compatible with all other email providers. Also, Google includes apps such as Google Calendar, Google Translate, Google News, Google Contacts, and Google Vault. All of these things are very important for both Google and their customers.

The purpose of these Google apps is for people to have all of their everyday computer software all in a easily accessible place.