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Let the College Search Begin

Every year in the United States, high school seniors take on the challenge of applying to colleges across the nation. Beginning in late September, seniors stress and panic about applications, deadlines, and the overall college process.

At Boys’ Latin, the college counseling office does its best to reduce the stress levels of seniors during this time. The college counselors also try to get both the students and parents actively engaged in this process.

They do this by scheduling individual appointments and constantly communicating, whether it be by email or telephone. Both college counselors, Andrew Robinson and Cathy Badmington are extremely approachable and are always willing to help.

When asked how this year’s senior class compares to last year’s, Assistant Director of College Counseling, Andrew Robinson, replied, “This year’s seniors have applied much earlier than last year’s seniors.”

Robinson then was asked what are some popular schools seniors have been applying to. Robinson answered, “ Charleston, Delaware, Maryland, and the University of South Carolina are the four most popular.”

Although the college search might be stressful for the students, and families, the college counselors endure their struggles as well. According to Mr. Robinson, the most difficult part of being a college counselor is “when parents try to control where their sons go instead of having them make the final decision.”

Another major tool the college counseling office at Boys’ Latin prides itself on is Family Connection/Naviance. Naviance allows students to track his high school progress as well as follow his college application. This tool is a website that students are assigned in the beginning of their junior year.

In the summer, seniors were encouraged to take a course on how to fill out the Common Application. This course allowed seniors such as Kyle Weatherford to answer any questions he had and fill out the information regarding Boys’ Latin. Weatherford said, “this course allowed me to start my college application and answer many questions my parents were not able to answer for me.”

Kyle, like many others in the senior class already, knows where he will be attending next year.  The reason they know this is because they have committed to a school for athletics. This is a common occurrence at Boys’ Latin, especially for lacrosse.

Cole Coffay, another senior, is going through the college process. When asked what his top three schools are, he confidently replied, “Tampa, Charleston, and High Point.”

Boys’ Latin has a great reputation in sending there students to great universities. Last years senior class consisted of 80 students and all of them attend a four-year college. This year’s class is extremely dedicated and will hopefully achieve the same feat as last year’s class.

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