South Side Chronicles

A Microwave Changes Everything


By Randy Cockrell and Alex Stengel

The Student council came up with a fantastic idea to have a dodge-ball tournament in order to raise money for a microwave in the cafeteria. Ever since the student council election, students have been asking for a microwave. Student council delivers what the students want.

In order to benefit both the BL student body, and those outside of our community, the council decided that they would give 75% of the dodge-ball tournament profits to the Travis Mann Foundation, which helps military families. The rest of the money would be used for the MS/LS cafeteria microwave.

It took many meetings and planning for the tournament to be successful. Through its efforts, the student council made roughly $500. It was a good turn-out. Everyone had an awesome time during the tournament, and in the end, many people benefited from it.

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