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Zello Invades BL with Force

Here at BL, there have been a variety of phone apps that have lived and died, becoming part of BL history. Everything from Flappy Bird to 2048, these phone applications have become part of the BL community. The newest application to force its way into the school causing a craze is Zello. Zello is a “walkie-talkie” application allowing users to contact one another instantly via voice. It really does act like a radio since one presses and holds a button, speaks, and the message is relayed. Here is an exclusive interview with Zello user, Jason Price:

How do you think Zello has impacted the BL community?

“It really swept over the community. People would be ‘Zelloing’ their friends, finding out where they were. Some people would try to use police codes but no one really knew what they were talking about. And at some points it started to get really annoying.”

Why do you use Zello?

“I used it because it was fun. And I used it after school once to meet up with friends.”

Do you think it’s practical to use in a school setting?

“I don’t think it’s really practical, for a school environment. It’s more for out of school, used to relay information in a quick manner.”

What types of features does it offer?

“It offers group chats, where you can add people to the group and talk to the whole group. It gives you the ability to quickly say something to your buddies by holding down a button. And they can respond pretty fast. You can also replay messages sent to you.”

Would you recommend it to others for use?

“I think it’s a great app but it’s not really needed for our age group because you can just send a text; you can send a text just as quickly.”

What are the negative impacts of use in school?

“Being annoying with the app and spamming your friends when they’re in class. And getting them in trouble if their phone is not silenced.”

Have you ever gotten in trouble for using this app?


What devices can you use it on?

“iOS and Android.”

Who started the Zello craze?

“Chase Lubke and Shane Kilberg.”

Do you think it was bad that Zello came into our school?

“I mean it was bad for the week it was popular, but then it died down, and I don’t think anyone uses it anymore.”

Zello was an application that took the BL community by force but has shown not to have the same longevity as some previous applications that have been introduced. The concept of Zello can be seen as useful; however, in a school setting, and here at BL, it did not hold much water.

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