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Larry Hogan Elected as Governor of Maryland

Larry Hogan made history being elected as only the second Republican governor since 1979.  The only other was Bob Ehrlich from 2003-2007. Hogan was a strong candidate, but his election was still for the most part a surprise considering how Democratic of a state Maryland is.

Larry Hogan won in a nationwide Republican surge.  The Republican party beat the Democrats 52-44 and claimed the majority of the Senate, taking control of Congress as well.

Hogan resides in Edgewater, Maryland with his wife Yumi, and three children.  He is 58 years old, and graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Political Science.  As CEO and founder of The Hogan Companies, Hogan has supplied thousands of jobs in Maryland.  The Hogan Companies have accumulated 2 billion dollars in real estate transactions.  On top of that, he also founded “Change Maryland,” a large non-partisan organization.

Elected Governor Hogan isn’t unfamiliar with the responsibilities of running a state, in fact, he was former Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich’s appointed secretary.

Hogan defeated his Democratic counterpart, Anthony Brown, with 847,107 votes to Brown’s 770,511.  This Republican win came with much shock to the rest of the country considering Maryland’s reputable history of Democratic governors such as the now succeeded Martin O’Malley, who defeated Bob Ehrlich in 2007.

Hogan was heavily supported by former Governor Ehrlich, as well as current New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, a very strong candidate to be the next president of the United States.  Hogan has called for slower spending growth, tax cuts, and ending the storm water fee.  He believes that Marylanders are overtaxed and promises to reduce that as well as supply even more high-paying jobs to citizens.

Governor Hogan and his running partner, Boyd Rutherford, look to make an immediate impact on Maryland.  With an extensive business background and the support of high name Republicans, as well as the recent Republican takeover in the United States, Hogan has great credentials and could be very successful right away.

Larry Hogan turned this predominantly blue, Democratic state into Republican red, and did so in dramatic fashion.


Elected Hogan pictured with former Governor Bob Ehrlich (left)




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