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In Memory of Claire Marie Wagonhurst

Claire Marie Wagonhurst was a senior at Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP). Claire may have passed away of melanoma on Oct. 16, 2014, but her life will forever live on in the memory of her friends and family.

Melanoma is a type of cancer that begins in the melanocytes which are melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis. Melanoma usually appears on a person’s skin in the form of a mole. The cancer usually starts from the sun’s radiation and triggers mutations that cause the cells to begin to start multiplying rapidly. This type of cancer can be very dangerous and can cause major problems in a person’s life.

Claire may have had a very short life, but she had a very major impact on all of her friends and family. In Claire’s last college essay that she wrote, she explained that, “in life there is a great gift that comes wrapped in pain if you look deep enough. I have the gift of family, friends, and faith.”

Claire was able to show that no matter how much pain or sorrow a person may be going through, there is always a brighter side and something to be proud of. Claire was the type of person that was very proud to have her friends and family to help her through her struggles.

Claire always tried to be one of those people that would not let the cancer shape the kind of person that she wanted to be and felt that the cancer was a “bump in the road.” She always stayed strong and had faith that everything would turn out to be okay. She also said in her college essay, “Breathe deeply. Keep moving forward. You will feel the sunshine again.” Claire wrote in her college essay how her cancer is “only a storm” and how when her cancer is gone, it will be like the storm is over and all that is left is the “sunshine.”

Claire had many plans with her life that she wanted to accomplish. She had just been accepted to the University of Alabama where she had decided to enroll in the spring of 2014. She wanted to major in fashion design and was a very artistic person.

Claire was an amazing person that always put her friends first. She always enjoyed making her friends happy. She also was one of the nicest people a person could ever meet. Claire was never mean to anyone and never had anything mean to say.

It is unfair that Claire had to be taken so early in her life, but her memory will always live on. All of her friends and family will make sure that no one will ever forget how great of a person she was and how great it was to have her in their lives.

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