Tiny Camera with a Big Impact

The idea to create the Go Pro camera was founded by Nick Woodman in 2002. According to Go Pro’s personal website, “A Go Pro is a high-definition camera that is often used in extreme action video photography. They are compact, lightweight, rugged, and they are wearable.”

The enthusiastic Nick Woodman created the Go Pro in 2002 when he wanted to invent a way to record his surfing endeavors. The first model Go Pro camera was a 35mm camera that was surrounded in simple water proof housing. Woodman’s first camera sold in surf shops in 2004.

On February 7, 2014, Go Pro submitted an IPO request to the SEC. Go Pro’s goal in going public was to raise over $100 million dollars. Go Pro’s initial stock value rose through the roof to a point that put a value of the company at $2.95 billion.

According to statements from Woodman, an important reason that Go Pro went public was to become a media company that could generate profits from the content its cameras created.

The Go Pro trend caught on to the public in 2008 when the Go Pro Hero was released. This portable version of the camera allowed people to video intense moments in their personal life.

The original Hero was first released in a version that filmed in 720p. The most recent camera, The Hero 4, can record film at the highest resolution known to man: 4k. The Hero 4 was released in September 2014. The Hero 4 also allows users to record video in slow motion four times as fast as its preceding cameras.

Some of the world’s most famous Youtube Videos have been filmed on Go Pro cameras. For example, when Felix Baumgartner skydived from the edge of space in late 2013, his entire jump was filmed using a head mounted Go Pro Hero 2.

Go Pro cameras have allowed the general public to experience events that they previously would not been able to. When professional athletes film their sports, they show people what it is like play at their level. Surfers have been the primary users of Go Pros according to the company’s website.

The professional use of Go Pros has also enticed people to injure themselves while attempting similar dangerous stunts. After seeing professionals complete stunts on the internet, people often feel like they need to copy the actions of others. This often results in serious injury and sometimes death.

The Go Pro is a camera that has changed the way people share their talents and passions. Crystal clear video quality has allowed the general public to view others’ personal videos in unthinkable quality. Before the creation of the Go Pro, people did not have the ability to record themselves like they do now. People should go out and buy a Go Pro now, and share their passions with the world!

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