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Haunted Places in Maryland

Around the world there are places full of history. This history is not always positive. Often, people believe that these places are haunted by spirits, or transcendent beings.

In the state of Maryland there are plenty of places which are thought to be haunted. The haunts and stories vary from old insane asylums to haunted bridges.

Located in Kingsville, Maryland, sits a small town called Jerusalem. Within this town is the oldest covered bridge in Maryland, Jericho Bridge. This bridge is full of dark history and stories of haunting.  It is said that people during the Civil War were hanged off of this bridge. This fact is reason enough for most people never to go within distance of the bridge. For those who are brave enough to go, they usually have some interesting subjective experiences to share afterward.

A few weeks ago students Jack Pezulla, Charlie Ikle, and myself visited  this bridge in hopes of seeing the spirits that haunt this bridge. Immediately when this bridge is reached, a feeling of fear arrives.The creaking wood of the bridge can be heard upon entering.

The bridge has a certain feeling to it that can only be described as a feeling of not being alone. Fellow bridge goer Charlie Ikle said, “The bridge brought me a feeling of a different energy in the air.” Describing the feeling is something that can’t be captured in words.

The legend of this bridge is that if someone parks his car, flashes the lights, honks the horn, and exits the car, the car will stop working.  The other rumor surrounding this bridge is when leaving the bridge, if the passengers look into the rear view mirror, the image of those who were hanged will appear.

Within the same state of Maryland lies another haunted place. This place is one that can’t be entered due to it being government property. The name of this place is the Rosewood Asylum, located in Owings Mills.

Rosewood was abandoned many years ago and is known for its horror stories. It is believed that the souls of those who were in the asylum are trapped there.

While the Rosewood Asylum was running, it was over crowded, which caused the patients to be mistreated.

Now people who enter the asylum leave with stories that will make people cringe in fear.  People talk of voices being heard and spirits being seen.

Maryland is full of haunted places, but these places are two of the most recognized haunted spots.

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