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Boys’ Latin Traditions

BL students have followed many traditions throughout the years. There are some traditions that show this community’s qualities as a brotherhood and its strong relationships with teachers and advisers.

A favorite tradition is when the seniors walk into the assembly with the kindergartners, which makes the young ones look up at the older boys. There are also traditions that go way back like Maroon and White day, which encompasses all divisions by holding their own separate sporting days. The drum at sporting events is a very serious tradition because it gets everyone loud and pumped up for cheering.

The junior/senior debate is when the moderator picks a topic and the seniors debate why the topic is positive and the juniors are against the topic. Some topics from previous debates include the legalization of marijuana, death penalty, and lowering of the drinking age. Regardless of the topic, the debate is always entertaining.

The father/son dinner is a big tradition at Boys’ Latin during junior year and it is when sons and fathers bond with other classmate’s dads and talk about the upcoming year. The mother/son breakfast is right before Maroon and White day, which is a field day where the whole high school plays activities and sports. This tradition has been going on for awhile and it is always a fun competitive day at Boys’ Latin.

The senior retreat is a huge tradition that has been going on for awhile. It is when the senior class goes on a trip toward the end of the year.   The retreat is a great time for the class to bond.

The senior farewell is one of the strongest traditions this school has because it is when the whole high school says goodbye to all the seniors and wishes them luck in college. This process is very emotional due to all of the positive memories.

The act of not doing certain older traditions anymore kills the great school spirit that everyone shows at Boys’ Latin.

Seeing some new traditions would be nice because many old famous traditions are not appropriate during this day and age, and it would be nice to see new traditions that highlight current Boys’ Latin students’ attitude toward the community. It is sad to see old traditions not around anymore due to new regulations that affect students from performing these traditions such as hedging in the senior garden, which is frowned upon now by most faculty and administration. Hedging is not a proper thing to do, but the senior garden is for seniors only, and if someone tries to get into the garden, he will be pushed over the hedge that surrounds the whole garden.

Traditions are more than just events and things at Boys’ Latin; they are ingrained in the community and should not be changed or altered due to new regulations and a different approach on certain aspects of life.

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