Month: November 2014

Halloween Assembly: Breakdown

By Bryce Milton and Will Alokones Boo! The publication’s group went around the middle school to get people’s perspective on this year’s Halloween assembly vs. last year’s Halloween assembly. This year there […]

What Are MS Students Up To?

By Mitch Boudreau and John Recher The BL middle school has many diverse and interesting activities and hobbies that students do outside of school, such as hunting, snowboarding, hiking, skateboarding, and longboarding. […]

Hits of the 90s

Over the summer, I developed a love for something that I would have never imagined, and that is 90s music. Whether I was on the beach, hanging with friends, or at work, 90s music […]

Bittersweet BL Victory

On Halloween Day, there was only one thing on the football players’ minds: beating their rivals, the St. Paul’s Crusaders, and heading off to a championship. Although the team did win to beat the hated […]