Halloween Assembly: Breakdown

By Bryce Milton and Will Alokones

Boo! The publication’s group went around the middle school to get people’s perspective on this year’s Halloween assembly vs. last year’s Halloween assembly. This year there was pie eating, scary laughs, a scavenger hunt, and of course the child’s version of dead eye. We went to many people so that we can get their opinion. The group picked a teacher and two students who they thought would be the best fit for this story.

The pie eating contest was definitely the highlight of this year’s middle school Halloween assembly. People from different advisories competed to see who could eat the most pie in a short amount of time. We had a funny situation. Most notably, everyone scurrying back to their seats after Myles Davis’ infamous vomiting. We had a competitive situation. The Maroon Team beat the White Team in the pie eating contest. All in all, it sounds like everybody had the most fun during the pie eating contest.

Our publications group found one particular question having the same answer. For example, one of our three questions was: “What did you miss in this year’s Halloween assembly?” All of the answers pointed to the costume competition. Many missed the competition for students and teachers alike, and hope that it will return next year.

When posed with the question about what she would like to see at next year’s assembly, Ms. Vernon had a memorable request:

“It is such a huge production, and it takes so much hard work and effort, that I am unsure how to make it even better; I can’t forget that mummy wrapping competition from a couple of years ago!  Honestly, though, the best thing we could do is put Mr. Mollett on horseback, make Mr. Maisel Ichabod Crane, and see what happens when they recreate “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”  I could also see Mr. Shriver as Leatherface in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”  Would Ms. Brown make for a scary zombie? Or Mr. Sheehey as a vampire named Dr. Acula? I guess it’s time for us to start writing some scripts.”

This year’s assembly was a great success, with activities new and old. Who knows what next year will bring.

Georgia’s Gurley Suspension Over, but Injury Ends Season

Edit 11/25: Todd Gurley took the field against the Tigers of Auburn and had the unthinkable happen to him. He tore his ACL on a non-contact cut. Gurley is now out for the season and is now rehabbing for next year’s season to come back stronger than ever.

A Heisman candidate for the 2014 football season will be trying to find his way back onto the football field after the latest investigation took place at the University of Georgia. The 6 foot 1, 226 pound running back found himself front and center of a serious investigation taking place as to whether or not he received money for autographs.

On October 28, 2014, the university received devastating news that would affect their football team tremendously. They learned that Gurley would be ruled out for their next four upcoming games. He missed the Missouri game (win), Arkansas game (win), the Florida game (lost), and the Kentucky game (win).

Due to his suspension, many can argue the case that Georgia could have beat Florida during his suspension because he is the best running back in the game by far. Gurley has the size of some offensive linemen and has the breakaway speed as some wide receivers.

Todd Gurley is a first round NFL prospect and is talking to many NFL teams about possibly joining their team to be their starting running back. If Gurley were to enter the NFL draft, he would be forgoing his senior season and going to the NFL to get paid to play, where in college he doesn’t receive any money to play.

Plaguing him from coming back to play the sport he loves is a NCAA violation related to the sale of memorabilia. According to collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com, “Gurley received more than $3,000 in cash from multiple individuals for autographed memorabilia and other items over two years.” It is forbidden to receive money in exchange for an autograph in college because it helps the college student out with loans.

The University of Georgia had to appeal the suspension in order to get Gurley back for the remainder of the football season. The NCAA issued the punishment which was a 4-game suspension. This means Gurley will be available for return for the Auburn game at home on November 15, 2014.

In order to come back to play, Gurley must also complete 40 community service hours and pay an additional fee to a charity of his choice.

In place of Gurley was freshman running back Nick Chubb. He is 5 foot 10, 228 pounds. Helping Chubb have a quiet break out in four games was Boys’ Latin’s alum Greg Pyke. Over the span of Gurley’s suspension, Georgia held a record of 3-1 with Chubb running the ball and Pyke leading the way for him. Pyke plays right guard and has quietly made a name for himself as one of the SEC’s best blockers.

On November 15, 2014, in Sanford Stadium, Todd Gurley will be back and will be running the ball between the hedges with a sell out crowd against ranked opponent Auburn, who is also coming off of a loss to Texas A&M.

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What Are MS Students Up To?

By Mitch Boudreau and John Recher

The BL middle school has many diverse and interesting activities and hobbies that students do outside of school, such as hunting, snowboarding, hiking, skateboarding, and longboarding. The Southside Chronicles interviewed Hunter Hine, Cooper Weidner, Tommy Calder, Jared Tankersley, and teachers Mr. Stone and Mrs. Brackins to see what their interests were beyond the walls of our school.


Southside Chronicles reporters interviewed two students, Hunter Hine and Tommy Calder, to learn about their passion for hunting. We asked Hunter what he likes about hunting, and he said, “ I like the reward after lots of patience. I also like bird hunting the most.” When asked the same question, Tommy Calder responded, “I like when you see the wildlife and when you get an adrenaline rush when you pull the trigger.”


Hiking is also popular among teachers and some students. When you hike you come close within nature and feel peace. We interviewed two teachers, Mr. Stone and Mrs. Brackins. The Southside Chronicles asked  “What do you like about hiking?” Mr. Stone replied, “I like how it is the total opposite of the city which is where I live.” Mrs. Brackins replied, “I like to hike because I like to be outside.”

Longboarding and Skateboarding

Skateboarding and longboarding is becoming popular throughout the school and the country. The Southside Chronicles interviewed Jared and Avery Tankersley. We asked Jared what he likes about longboarding. He said, “It’s fun and I  like to go fast down hills and the freedom.” The Southside Chronicles asked what Avery what he likes about skateboarding. He said, “It’s fun doing tricks and when I was young I watched the professionals and thought I should do it.”


The Southside Chronicles also interviewed Cooper Weidner, a snowboarder to see what he likes about snowboarding. Cooper said, “It’s fun, I like the rush.” Snowboarding is mainly popular out in the Midwest,  but there are still some snowboarders at Boy’s Latin  and in Maryland.

The BL middle school has many diverse and interesting activities and hobbies that students do outside of school, such as hunting, snowboarding, hiking, skateboarding, and longboarding. Thanks to the students and teachers we interviewed for giving us the information we needed to complete this article.


Middle Schoolers Out and About

By Josh Pugh and Tommy Calder

Here at Boys’ Latin we have a very diverse student body with many different interests and activities outside of the classroom. Some of these include watching football, going to Hunt Valley, going to J-dances, and being included in the student body.

Football-wise, it seems as if Cincinnati will stay on top in the AFC North, as they are undefeated in the division. The Ravens are dead last with their 5-4 record, but many hope for a strong finish to the season, with many beatable teams on the docket.

AFC North Team W L T Pct PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5
Cincinnati Bengals 5 2 1 .688 194 187 7 21 4-0-1 1-2 2-0 1.000 4-2 .667 1-0-1 2W 2-1-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 3 0 .667 248 219 29 29 4-1 2-2 2-2 .500 5-2 .714 1-1 3W 3-1
Cleveland Browns 5 3 0 .625 185 169 16 20 4-1 1-2 1-2 .333 3-3 .500 2-0 2W 3-1
Baltimore Ravens 5 4 0 .556 240 174 66 26 3-1 2-3 2-3 .400 2-4 .333 3-0 2L 2-2


 At the Middle School, the student body is already hard at work, with their leader Randy Cockrell at the helm. They are already making changes to student life, one of the most popular tasks being the fundraiser for a microwave in the Lower and Middle School cafeteria.  Student support is crucial, so the real question is, will you help cause that change?

 Middle Schoolers, like most people, enjoy going to the movies. Most people at Boys’ Latin go to the famous Hunt Valley. At Hunt Valley we do a lot of fun things, like meet with girls and watch movies. There are a lot of cool places to visit, like Dicks, Chipotle, and a really amazing skate shop. One of the coolest things at the notorious Hunt Valley are the concerts that they provide for the people.

 A very popular activity in middle school that a lot of students participate in is the J dance. At the J dance they provide you with music and food. We like to play basketball and boogie to some sick tunes.

 Students at Boys’ Latin have a wide variety of interests outside of school. We enjoy doing many of the activities that our peers do, but as with anything, we always find a way to add our own unique twist.


Middle School Teacher Hobbies

By Jack Sutton and Eric Gazin

“What do our teachers like to DO in their free time?” This is a question you might commonly think about, but perhaps not muster the courage to ask. However, Jack Sutton and the notorious Eric Gazin have studied this phenomenon. We have interviewed a few teachers to get their responses to this big question.

The first teacher that we interviewed was Miss Vernon of the 7th grade. Professionally, she teaches english, as she saves America’s youth one soul at a time. However, she has a diverse outside life, to say the least. Currently, she is, “Working on achieving 100% on the Lord of the Rings Lego video game,” with her Xbox 360. Another interesting hobby she loves is “laughing at turtlenecks.” Don’t we all enjoy this lifestyle?

We also asked Mr. Locey about his outside life. His daughter, Kirkland Locey, played women’s lacrosse at Syracuse University. While she was there for four years, Mr. Locey enjoyed watching her play. Mr. Locey also has another “Laker Life”. This is his life on the water. He partially owns the company Keuka Watersports in Hammondsport, New York. This is a water sports rental shop which offers everything from pontoons to jetskis. Clearly, Mr. Locey has a very intriguing lifestyle.

The final teacher we interviewed was Mr. Shriver. Outside of his demanding lacrosse and teaching job, he has many interests. One of the things he loves is traveling around the world. Mr. Shriver “plays golf on days that end in ‘y’.” Finally, he loves reading all kinds of books. Mr. Shriver has a life that he loves and wouldn’t change a bit.

After conducting these interviews, we have learned that our teachers definitely have interesting, unique lives outside of their classrooms. From running businesses to beating video games, they seem to do it all.

Unmanned NASA Rocket Explodes Upon Liftoff

On Tuesday, October 28th, 2014, the Antares rocket, contracted by NASA, was scheduled to lift off for the International Space Station (ISS), but instead was left in a ball of flames as it took off from the launch platform located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The routine mission has left many baffled as to what the cause of the malfunction was and what is to come for future NASA missions.

The unmanned rocket, created by Orbital Sciences, was tasked with a seemingly easy mission to deliver supplies and experiments to the International Space Station for the astronauts aboard. The rocket, carrying about 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments, launched at about 6:22 p.m. and not long after people witnessed the rocket engulfed in flames midair. The cargo aboard was made up of: spacewalk tools for the astronauts to use outside of the station, food, books, flight equipment, and computer resources.  Fortunately, no one was injured during the launch, but because the rocket exploded, the astronauts will not be getting anything new for a little while.

According to  Frank Culbertson, executive vice president at Orbital Sciences Corp, via CNN, ““It’s not as tragic as losing a life associated with it and so, we’re very happy to report that there were no injuries. That hardware, however, it’s very important and very high value to the company and to our customers.””

The experiments on the aircraft ranged from student research to full medical studies, so losing them was a great cost to Orbital Sciences. The crew will not be without supplies, though; the ISS, being part of a larger coalition, is never under supplied or lacking.

According to NASA and Mike Suffredini, program manager for NASA’s International Space Station, via CNN, ““The crew has all the food, water and other consumables necessary to support them well into next year. I think if no other vehicle showed up, we can go all the way into the March time frame. If Orbital can’t resupply the space station, others can.””

The debris of the rocket is being handled with care as well. As information is collected, though, officials are warning people to stay away from the crash site and to not touch anything they might try to collect. The debris is part of an accident site and could be hazardous, so people are being told to inform local authorities if they accidentally come upon any pieces.

How and why the rocket malfunctioned are still unknown, but NASA and Orbital Sciences are looking into it extensively. This problem will only be holding up the launching of another Antares rocket for a short period of time due to the fact the launch pad is out of commission. So the delay of future flights will be short lived.

Zello Invades BL with Force

Here at BL, there have been a variety of phone apps that have lived and died, becoming part of BL history. Everything from Flappy Bird to 2048, these phone applications have become part of the BL community. The newest application to force its way into the school causing a craze is Zello. Zello is a “walkie-talkie” application allowing users to contact one another instantly via voice. It really does act like a radio since one presses and holds a button, speaks, and the message is relayed. Here is an exclusive interview with Zello user, Jason Price:

How do you think Zello has impacted the BL community?

“It really swept over the community. People would be ‘Zelloing’ their friends, finding out where they were. Some people would try to use police codes but no one really knew what they were talking about. And at some points it started to get really annoying.”

Why do you use Zello?

“I used it because it was fun. And I used it after school once to meet up with friends.”

Do you think it’s practical to use in a school setting?

“I don’t think it’s really practical, for a school environment. It’s more for out of school, used to relay information in a quick manner.”

What types of features does it offer?

“It offers group chats, where you can add people to the group and talk to the whole group. It gives you the ability to quickly say something to your buddies by holding down a button. And they can respond pretty fast. You can also replay messages sent to you.”

Would you recommend it to others for use?

“I think it’s a great app but it’s not really needed for our age group because you can just send a text; you can send a text just as quickly.”

What are the negative impacts of use in school?

“Being annoying with the app and spamming your friends when they’re in class. And getting them in trouble if their phone is not silenced.”

Have you ever gotten in trouble for using this app?


What devices can you use it on?

“iOS and Android.”

Who started the Zello craze?

“Chase Lubke and Shane Kilberg.”

Do you think it was bad that Zello came into our school?

“I mean it was bad for the week it was popular, but then it died down, and I don’t think anyone uses it anymore.”

Zello was an application that took the BL community by force but has shown not to have the same longevity as some previous applications that have been introduced. The concept of Zello can be seen as useful; however, in a school setting, and here at BL, it did not hold much water.