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5 Days at the Lacrosse World Games

The opportunity to play in the Lacrosse World Games in Denver, Colorado, is an opportunity of a life time. The world games is five days of excitement and hard work.

Last spring I learned that after trying out for Team Maryland’s U17 national team, I was selected to play with them out in Denver. The team was a twenty-one man roster, with kids from all over Maryland and one from Texas. We played in a few fall and summer tournaments, but we knew that our main goal was to win the Lacrosse World Games.

I knew that I was playing in the games since last September, but I had to wait until July 10th to go. Finally that day arrived. I had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch my flight out of Baltimore with my family to go to Denver. After a long plane ride, we finally touched down in Denver.

The first thing we saw was the mountains with snow still on the tops even in the middle of the summer. After a thirty minute car ride, we finally arrived at our hotel in downtown Denver.

The actual tournament did not start until the 12th, so we had a day and a half to do what we wanted. The next day we just hung around the hotel while a lot of the parents went on tours of attractions in Denver.

Finally it was the start of the tournament. The tournament was held at Denver’s professional soccer team’s complex. On opening day, we only had one game so the players could attend the opening ceremonies. After the opening ceremonies, we stayed to watch the United States play Canada. Throughout the week I ended up playing close to twenty games, and we ended up losing in the semifinals from a team from Colorado.

Although we did not win, the overall experience was one of a lifetime and seeing all of the different cultures was amazing.


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