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Jam Skating: The Skates and Basics

Rollerskating is an adrenaline pumper by itself, but for some, it isn’t enough. If there is not enough adrenaline in rollerskating, try jam skating. This sport is a mixture of dancing and roller skating to create a unique sport/rec activity.

To start with, jam skates are different from regular roller skates. Instead of a traditional plastic composite base, they are equipped with a strong metal composite complete with axles. These base plates are the base of the skate and are built to take a beating.skate base

The wheels of these skates are also slightly different than a regular roller skate wheel. The wheel consists of a metal core complete with space for bearings covered by a strong, grooved rubber outside for grip. These wheels are built to last and provide constant grip when in contact with the skating surface. Inside of the wheels are high speed ball bearings. This is what gives the roll to roller skates. The actual case that holds the bearings is made of metal and inside are metal balls, known as bearings, which spin with very little resistance.

wheelBall bearings


The final part of the jam skate is the boot. This is the part of the skate that the skater puts his of her foot into. These are usually made out of expensive leather and soft foam to provide a tight and comfortable fit. The complete skate is comfortable and at the same time durable to the beating and use that it will be put to.




Jam skating is basically a combination of dance, gymnastics, and skating. The different styles of jam skating include shuffle skating, footwork, power, and ground breaking. 


Shuffle skating is skating forward and backward on all 8 wheels to smooth music with a constant rhythm.


Footwork skating is the focus on fancy footwork while skating forwards or backwards, usually performed on 2, 4, or 8 wheels at a time.


Power is basically the break dancing part of jam skating which mixes many dance moves with the theme of skating to turn out an interesting style of skating.



Jam skates are a little bit more expensive than an ordinary skate. If you are looking to build your own skate, there are a variety of prices. Pro custom skates are expensive, costing $120 for the wheels, around $250 for the boot, $90 for the plate, and $20 for the bearings for a total around $480. However, jam skates such as the Vanilla Juniors cost $200 and will last a life time. This is an activity that progresses on itself, so sticking with it is key.




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