The Life of a Linebacker

A linebacker is the most mean and vicious player on the football field. Linebackers do everything for the team including leadership, character, and responsibility. A typical job for a linebacker is to stop the opposing team’s best threat, which in most cases are their running backs. They are asked do a lot as people and as football players.

Football is not just their main focus in life. They also have to worry about their grades and getting into a good college if they desire to go to college for football.

At Boys’ Latin, football is at the center of the spotlight in the fall. As to the offensive line of the Boys’ Latin team, Luke Brown said, “Our offense this year is stepping it up.” As for the defensive side of the ball, Brown said, “Our defense is looking pretty good, not going to lie.”

Linebackers have a lot on their plate, not only for games, but for practice, too. When asked about his routine during practice, Billy Wingo (an outside linebacker) replied, “ to mess around.”

During games however, the linebackers go through a lot more than what is asked of them. They have to read their keys which will take them to play and where the ball carrier will be. When asked about what goes through his head as a play starts, Luke answered, “As a play starts, I am reading my guard and looking into the backfield to see what is going on.”

When Billy was asked the same question, he replied, “jam the tight end!!”  Preston Waters (outside linebacker) told, “as a play starts, I’m looking into the backfield to see what play is developing in front of me”. Gavin “Lenny” Howell responded with, “I am looking for the ball and I am ready to mess this kid’s day up.”

All linebackers were asked about what they thought of upcoming games, including the St. Paul’s game and Curley game. Luke Brown’s response was, “I think we will bring the hammer and we will smack them both.” Billy Wingo responded with very daring predictions of, “47-0 BL against St. Paul’s and 35-0 BL against Curley.” Preston Waters added, “We are going to win the St. Paul’s game easy and the Curley game is a definite win as well.” Gavin Howell exclaimed, “We are going to destroy St. Paul’s and we are going to destroy Curley, too.”

The Boys’ Latin Laker linebacking core was also asked about their practice routines. Luke Brown explained his practice routine with, “I’ll stretch, stand on the sideline a little bit, then I’ll get some water, and talk to Coach Schell.” Billy Wingo expressed, “mess around.” Preston added, “I go outside and warm up, and just have a regular practice.” Gavin Howell exclaimed, “I do a bunch of shuttle runs with Coach Schell, and then I read guards with Coach Sassler.”

As for warm-up routines for games, each said they do similar things as to what they do in practice. The difference is instead they will make sure they are more loose and will do a couple laps around the field to get the blood flowing. Also, they said that they each will say a prayer as well before starting the game.

When interviewing the linebacking core for Boys’ Latin, a recurring theme kept popping up. They all said that they love being in the scrum of a tackle and hitting the opposing team’s players. It sounded as if each one of them thought very highly of the season so far and that the team needs to keep doing what they are doing and keep it up if they want to win the championship.

All in all, the Boys’ Latin football team is on their way to winning the MIAA Championship, and that’s something the Boys’ Latin school and community would love to see from the team because it has not happened since 2004, and this looks like the year it will be done.     

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