How About Dem O’s

Soooo how ‘bout dem’ O’s? The Orioles will be playing into October for the first time since 2012. The only difference is this time the Orioles have clinched the American League East title. The last time the Orioles clinched the American League East title was back in 1997, when the O’s lost to the Cleveland Indians in the American League Championship.

The City of Baltimore is known for its crabs, historical features, the Harbor, and not to forget about the Baltimore Ravens. Ever since the Ravens became a football organization, this town bleeds purple and black. Even during baseball season the talk is mostly about the Ravens off season. The only time someone would hear about the Orioles was hearing about how far out of first place they were. But there is a different vibe around town this year; something is different this year than in the past.

BASEBALL IS BACK IN BALTIMORE. People are proud of the baseball team this year and they have no problem showing their support. The Orioles have had the most attendance season since 2005.  Camden Yards has been packed almost every home game after the All-Star break where the Orioles have had a record of  44-24 and have the second best record in baseball and are in the playoffs.

Support is so big this year that this is the first time that there is a limited number of tickets for the first playoff game before the tickets even go on sale for the general public because the Birds had an increase in season ticket holders. Season ticket holders get tickets first, and no one wants to turn down the playoff tickets because orange and black playing in October is a special feeling.

This year the Birds have the second best record in baseball and won their division. The fans are hoping to see the Orioles play for the World Series.

Winning in the playoffs is never easy, but it will be a lot more difficult due to injuries and a suspension. The Orioles will be playing without starting third baseman Manny Machado due to injury, starting first baseman Chris “Crush” Davis due to a 25 game suspension, and starting catcher Matt Wieters due to injury. But the O’s have showed that they have depth. With good pitching and productive bats, the Orioles will have a good chance to go deep into the playoffs, and no matter the outcome, baseball is back in Baltimore.




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