Qdoba’s Bad Business Decision

Qdoba has lost a good amount of business on Wednesdays because they used to host an event which provided students with a half off discount on burritos. This caused Qdoba to gain popularity which made Qdoba more money. It is hard to imagine why in the world the company stopped student night if it was providing them customers and popularity.

At Boys’ Latin last year, the senior class had its fundraiser at Qdoba, but this year Chipotle is going to be hosting the fundraiser which is interesting.  Chipotle is taking business away from Qdoba due to their well known guacamole and fresh sides.

Qdoba’s bad decision to cancel student discount Wednesday affected many people because that was the only reason some students went to Qdoba. There are people that just went to Qdoba just for the student discount. All of the other mexican grill competitors do not offer a student discount so that was one of the only things that Qdoba had going for them.

The senior class is very frustrated with Qdoba’s decision because it was a tradition on Wednesdays. Senior Dylan Gaines said, “this was Qdoba’s worst decision and Qdoba is just loosing more business due to this cancellation.”

Senior Myles Cohen was also interviewed, and he said, “Qdoba has great queso and it was a great spot to have team dinners and get a discount on monster burritos.”

Junior Corey Sekulow said, “I am frustrated that the Wednesday night half off deal got taken away because at our school it was bonding for our athletic team dinners and it was a good way to get good food and have a discount also.”

Senior Julian Baker talked to a Qdoba worker and got the inside scoop on the situation. Julian said, “When I talked to the manager, he said that on Wednesdays they take in upwards of $10,000 a day and on every other day it is only $3,000.”  This shows how it was not a good idea for Qdoba to stop its student discount night.

Watches, Clocks: Time Keeps Moving


“Excuse me. What time is it?”


“Thanks. Nice watch by the way.”

“Thank you.”

People everywhere use watches to tell them the time. Some make calls and allow the user to listen to music. But few people stop and think about all the hard work that goes into the makings of a watch. Many take the click of the second hand for granted when really that one click is being triggered by many tiny gears inside of the watch. As seen in the diagram below, this simple watch has many complex moving parts in it.

movementparts sm

The process of the second, minute, and hour hands is very simple in theory but is actually quite complex.  There are at least 13 moving parts in a watch. The movement all starts from the center wheel that is connected  to a larger wheel called the great wheel. The center wheel has a pin that pokes through from the bottom of the watch to the top of the watch. This pin is called the second pin. This pin pokes through a plate called the bottom plate which is the cannon pinion that moves the minute wheel and the hour wheel. The minute wheel, hour wheel, and cannon pinion all work together to move the hands.

Above these 3 layers is the dial. This is the part of the watch visible to the human eye. Above the dial is the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand.

The watch works as follows. The center wheels turn and the second hand turns. After exactly sixty clicks, the minute hand moves once. This also applies to the hour hand after the minute hand clicks 60 times.


There are many different types of clocks. The most common version of the clock is an everyday wall clock.

The next type is a grandfather clock. These are larger version of wall clocks. A grandfather clock is usually manually reset. These clocks are taller than humans sometimes and its internal parts are 3-4 times as big as a wall clock.

Another type of clock is the one seen in train stations. These are gigantic and have many moving parts. These clocks usually  take a lot of maintenance because a lot of moving parts take a lot of oil.

In conclusion, if the world did not have clocks, it would be hard to tell the time. It was a great invention.


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Men and Their Cars

Between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike all fill into the main entrance of Boys’ Latin School of Maryland. Although the parking lots are typically reserved for juniors, seniors, and faculty, the occasional sophomore may whip down to the junior lot behind the school store.  Most of the cars seen on campus day-to-day are the average “first car,” but every once in a while, Gothier is seen whippin’ his blacked out Range Rover or Chase Lubke is rollin’ up in Big Green.


The unbreakable relationship between a man and his car is incredible.  Names are given to outline the car’s personality or simply describe the color or type of car it is.  The Burban, a name given to brother Dylan Gaines’ car, implements the simplicity and laid back feeling that is associated with his 2001 Chevrolet Suburban.  Vanessa, a jacked up 2013 Ford Raptor owned by sophomore Eli G Frank, is given this beautiful name for its curves similar to an hourglass shape.


Most look past the cars in the teachers’ lot, although there is one car that could top them all.  Mr. McDonald whips a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT RS.  Although incredibly fast, he prefers to follow the speed limit to set a good example for his students and fellow faculty members.  He purchased the car used in October of 2010 from Fox Chevrolet in Timonium, Maryland.  49,635 miles later, he has changed just about everything from Lamborghini style doors to the headlights.  He knows his car has the power to go incredibly fast, but he prefers to stay in legal territory and likes to win prizes at car shows.

The majority of cars in the student lots are the typical first car: a cheap hand-me-down from a close relative or off of craigslist.  Either a car with good gas mileage or one that could take a beating are usually found.

Senior Naylor Finnerty shares his love for his 2003 forest green Toyota Prius handed down from his loving grandmother about a year ago.  He gets about 45 miles per gallon filling up his tank with about thirty dollars worth of gas maybe once every two weeks, a dream for the gas guzzlers out there Naylor brags about how the torque produced from his electric engine could win any race that would last no more than twenty feet; anything further would definitely be a loss.  Naylor has put his full trust into his little Prius, as long as he remains under eighty miles an hour and does not get hit by a bus or something.

A recent craze in jacked up Jeeps has sparked a rise in Jeeps that are driven by students at Boys’ Latin.  Charley Hughes, student body president, whips his brand new 2014 Rubicon, with steel bumbers, lift kit, KC lights, and custom flag mount.  And Luke Brown can be found driving a manual Jeep with rockstar rims, or maybe stalling out under the pressure of a manual transmission.


A love for cars is one thing that can bring the Boys’ Latin community together in harmony, although there are many arguments day-to-day about who has a better car.

Photos by: Richie Wiklund

Bad Grandpa, Good Movie

Bad Grandpa  is a movie by Johnny Knoxville. It is a fairly unusual movie where Johnny dresses up as an 86 year old man. He does things in public that no grandfather would ever do, and he gets real reactions from the public. It is a hilarious comedy with an interesting plot. Despite all of the vulgar comedy, the movie has a fairly touching plot about a grandfather’s relationship with his grandson.

It starts off with the grandmother’s funeral. The grandfather (Irving) is pretty happy that his wife has passed. Later, during the funeral, the mother comes by to tell Irving to take his grandson (Billy) to his father across America. The mother has to go to jail and the father is a drug dealing low-life that only wants the son for the child support.

Irving takes him across America doing various comedic actions. This shows the disfunction of the family. It looks real enough to fool the public into believing it’s real, and that’s all they really needed to do. However, sometimes, it feels that the reaction is the only part of the movie the producers cared about.

In the beginning, Irving tries to get rid of Billy. He does things like trying to ship him in the mail until Billy coughs. This reveals him to the mailmen and they threaten to call the cops, so Irving takes him back. He also ignores him, going to strip clubs and video stores. This was a great and hilarious way of  setting up the main plot. The grandfather hates having to care for the grandson, but later they turn out to enjoy each other’s company.

Towards the middle of the movie, Irving starts to care for Billy. When Billy is hungry, he goes into a grocery store and makes him a sandwich. Then he steals the rest of the food. He also teaches him how to defend himself in a knife fight and stick up for himself. He might have been teaching Billy bad life lessons, but he was spending time with Billy. Billy’s father would have never spent anytime with him. This was a great way to show how Irving starts to care for his grandson.

In the end, they get to a bar where the father is, and Irving leaves. As Irving is leaving the bar, he realizes the mistake he has made and goes back to the bar. He takes Billy back and they get back on the highway  where the movie begins. They enter a beauty pageant that they referenced in the beginning of the movie. Then lastly, they go fishing to end the movie. These were all things that the grandson talked about when they first met, so it is fitting that they end the movie this way.

Billy played that “little chubby obnoxious kid” really well. He made the movie that much more funny. Johnny Knoxville played Irving in an effective way as well. He really gave the grandfather a personality that changes throughout the movie for the better. The movie relies on the reactions of the public during these skits, and the producers really knew how to get them.

The movie is hilarious if you like that kind of humor. It is a well produced movie from the creators of “Jackass.  This movie is definitely not for anyone that would get offended by the vulgar actions of an old man. All in all, this is a clever comedy with a touching story and I would highly recommend this movie to anyone in high school.

Boys’ Latin Soccer Review

With a shocking record of (3-1-5), the varsity soccer team at BL is not having one of their best seasons. Some members of the team believe that they are not playing to the best of their ability due to a lack of experience. The all around effort is present, it’s just the lack of experience on the team that is setting the Lakers back this year.

Seventeen seniors graduated from last year’s team, which has created many problems for the newcomers on the squad. The lack of leadership has created some difficulties in understanding the flow of varsity soccer for the new kids on the team.

It seems like the team has a lack of respect for each other on the field. As one can imagine, if the supposed leader of the team is not respected, there in lies many problems. According to many players on the team, the lack of leadership may be one thing, but it can be assured that Elliot King is one of the most valued players on the team along side  senior Alex Moore.

Senior Captain Elliot King (Right) and Coach Rickles

Towering opposing players at a solid 5’4″, 130 pounds, Elliot plays with aggression to the point of receiving four yellow cards on the season and an estimated twenty penalties. Even though he receives almost three penalties a game, Elliot’s aggressive play is admired by his teammates.

Last year’s season was a different story for the Boys’ Latin soccer team. Although  seventeen seniors graduated, there still remains a stud or two on the team. With an astonishing 14 goals on the season last year, all-conference center mid fielder Liam Frerichs has been benched this season.

Liam’s pigeon toed walk has increased drastically from last year, which is why he finds himself spending most of his time on the bench. Here is what Liam had to say about his new position on the team: “Once Coach Rickles realizes my true talents and puts me at center striker, we will score more goals and be a little more efficient getting up and down the field. Until this happens, we will continue to stay in the losing column.”

Hopefully the soccer team can find ways to work through these issues and come together as yet another strong BL team.

Jewish Awareness Club at BL

Jewish Awareness Club has been a part of the Boys’ Latin community for quite some time. This is a student-driven club run by Matt Sacks, Danny Robinson, and Josh Lurie. They are considered the dream team of all local Jewish associated clubs around town. Together they have compiled goals for the club that will be fulfilled throughout this upcoming year and for many years to come.

The JAC’s core values are to inform all students, not just those of the Jewish faith, about the culture, customs, and holidays practiced by Jewish people. The club traditionally celebrates Jewish holidays when they occur. For example, Purim, a Jewish holiday that occurs in the spring, commemorates the defeat of Haman, the Persian leader that tried to extinguish the Jews.

For the holiday of Purim, all members of the club make traditional cookies called Hamantaschen. The purpose behind the Hamantaschen cookies is that Haman wore a three-cornered hat. The way Jewish people destroy the symbolism of the hat is to eat the Hamantaschen that is in the shape of a triangle.

Another memory from past years is when the three leaders built a Sukkah for the holiday of Sukkot. With a lot of time and effort, the three leaders successfully made a traditional Sukkah, and they were able to host the Gilman School Jewish Awareness Club.

A Sukkah is a hut that is covered in natural materials like tree branches, flowers, and bamboo. The Sukkah commemorates the times in ancient Israel when Jews would build huts near the edges of their fields during the harvest season. During the holiday of Sukkot, Jews around the world eat and sleep in their Sukkah’s.

Last year, the Jewish Awareness Club was fortunate to host a Holocaust survivor named Rubin Sztier. He talked about his early life and how he suffered in the Concentration Camps. This was an important assembly for the Boys’ Latin community because there are only so many holocaust survivors still alive, so being able to hear from a survivor could truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Jewish Awareness Club’s goals for this year are very simple yet critical to having another fantastic year. The goals that the Jewish Awareness Club leaders have brainstormed for the 2014-2015 school year are as followed:

  1. More guest speakers.
  2. Having kosher or cultural food at every meeting.
  3. Interacting with other Jewish Awareness clubs around the Baltimore area.
  4. Finally, having a consistent number of kids at every club meeting.

The Jewish Awareness Club has made a structure and layout for another successful year. The JAC welcomes any BL student/teacher to join the club’s mission to educate the school about Judaism and Jewish celebrations. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask the club leaders Matt Sacks, Danny Robinson, and Josh Lurie. Mr. Whitehair will be hosting the Jewish Awareness Club in his room every day 1. Please come support the Jewish Awareness Club!