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BL Robotics Team has New Lead Builder for Upcoming Season

My role in the  Boys’ Latin Robotics team is changing this season after four-year lead builder Matt Bennett ‘14 graduated, leaving me to take his position.  This will be my fourth and final season on the team, and this year it is my job to be the next lead builder.  I’ve always helped with the design of the build, but this year I will have to come up with a lot of the ideas on my own.  I will be putting my skills to the test this upcoming season in hopes of winning a championship.

This will be my fourth and final year on the team and it will be up to me to set the team up for success.  I have always loved robotics and enjoy thinking up designs and putting them into actuality. Since I’m the next senior in line for the team, I will be the new team captain, lead builder, and captain of the drive team.

Each year the team participates in a program called FIRST Robotics Competition or FRC.  In January of every year, FRC releases an animated video that describes the season’s game that will be played.  FRC has a live stream the morning of the launch leading up to the game release. Every year our team watches the video over and over to help brainstorm designs for our robot.  Our goal for the season is to build a robot that can complete the tasks set by FRC. I’ve worked long hours in the lab each night of the week with the rest of the team to finish the robot in a six week period.

Once build season is over, we compete in regional competitions against other area teams in matches.  If our robot performs well enough, we may be picked to join an alliance of three teams to take part in playoff rounds to make it to the finals.

Winning the finals will allow us to travel to the championships which take place in St. Louis, Missouri.  We haven’t been to the championships since 2010 and I’m hoping that this will be our year for BL Robotics.


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