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Bad Boogieboarding

Having a family is a benefit in many ways. One way is having someone to do dumb stuff with when you’re bored. It was a cold winter, with nothing else to do, until we came up with something legendary.

My neighbor Dom, and I were playing ping pong during winter break one day with my brother, Dave, and my other brother, Richard, watching. We really didn’t know what to do with our time until my other neighbor, Jake,  came riding up our driveway on his four-wheeler.

He came into the house and down to the basement where we were playing ping pong. He told us that he drove his four-wheeler to our house and our minds went to work. What fun possibilities we could do with his four-wheeler.

It snowed a while back, long enough to where there was no snow, but our boogie boards were still on the lawn. That’s when I came up with the idea to tie a rope to the boogie boards and to the back of the four-wheeler. We rode up and down our half-mile long driveway, tearing up our boogie boards on the rough gravel, when suddenly we turned too sharp and I hit Dave, who in-turn hit Dom, who went flying off his board into the fence in front of him. Jake kept going, totally unaware of what happened. We screamed up to him yelling, “Stop Jake!”

He slowed down and said “What?!”

It didn’t take long for him to realize that Dom was on the ground. My brother and I ran towards him. He ended up with a pulled groin and we’ve been laughing at this ever since.

The one thing I got from this experience is how great it is to have a family I can do dumb, cool stuff with whenever we get bored. This was a day a stupid decision turned into a great memory that demonstrates the true meaning of brotherhood.

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